Bye, Bye Breadwinner

Pardon my complaining my dear readers; for you see my husband was relieved of his job on Monday. Yesterday marked our eighth wedding anniversary. The wife of a contractor is not a life for those faint at heart, (I can only image how my husband must feel?). By the time we moved to Houston, we had moved 4 States in 6 years. When the two year marker hits, one knows you are floating on thin ice. This time however we thought it would be different. Scottish husband was offered a permanent position and the grass was looking pretty green, on steroids perhaps? No matter what, nothing will take away the pride in which June the 10th will bring for him. He is being sworn in as an American Citizen.

*** Here's what went wrong
(no joke) ***
  • husband worked hard & kept his nose to the computer screen. Part of that darn Scottish pride. Who cares!
  • husband didn't party & hang out in the bars with fellow workers developing his alcohol addiction. Damn family man!
  • husband didn't take smoke breaks with fellow workers; developing that smoke-fueled bond. Anti-social behavior!
  • husband showed up on time, never took a sick day. Day of huge storm in May, one of only two people that showed up for hours. He walked through waters up to his knees carrying his bicycle as to not be late. Bragger!
  • husband didn't waste company time surfing the internet & texting his buddies. How non-communicative!
  • husband didn't talk smack about co-worker's. Can't tell him anything!
  • husband didn't take 2 hr. lunches & then brag about coming back to work bombed out of his mind. Party pooper!
  • husband does not have soap opera's playing on a tellie in his office (his supervisor does however..all day long). He never know's what # of husband Erika is on!
  • Husband didn't wear flip/flops & break dress coat by wearing jeans & shorts into the office. Diva!
  • Husband rode his bicycle to work for 35 months; reducing his carbon foot-print on our planet. Show off!
This is completely and utterly true and therefore fuels my anger today. Each & every individual that works at my husbands office that is in the "good ole' boys & girls club" did not get laid off on Monday. Coincidence, maybe? Doubtful, certainly. I've been at a few parties where these co-workers openly brag about what they get away with. Hardest part to take; they are here on work visa's, and they are not permanent employees. Despite what you might guess, they make a lot of money.

Thank you faithful readers for putting up with my frustration & fear today. Honestly, I feel better already. I have faith that everything is for a reason. A sweet friend from my hometown of Snohomish, Washington gave me a few terrific words of advice for me to leave you with;

"God closes one door He opens another even though it may be hell in the hallway for a bit".

Thank you again, dear Julie

** movies to take in **

No Job


** good summer reading **

** awards to win **

to happier roads ahead my friends.....


{go forth & shop responsibly}
travel all roads ahead believing

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The Townhouselady said...

I know nothing that I say will make this feel any better. Sometimes life just hands you turds and a job loss is a major steamer.

I will impart you with this bit of wisdom my dad gave me when I lost my job after Sept. 11th.

Look at it this way, you know how you always complained you were too busy? Now you're not, take a breather, get some rest, and once you're bored with that jump back on the horse and ride back to the farm.

In other words. Enjoy the time you now have together. I know it doesn't pay the bills but it's free, it's plentiful (which is a rarity) and it does wonders for your psyche.

You have my sincerest best wishes.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Sometimes life just isn't fair and I don't know why. It always seems like those that tow the line are the ones to get screwed. I really hope something good happens for your hubs soon!

Christy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this - it's just total crap. But I echo Townhouse lady's sentiments. Try and enjoy the time you have together at home now - do free stuff - libraries, parks, walks, etc.

Emily+Anthony said...

That is terrible, clearly undeserving news. I am so sorry. But like all have said above and your firmly believe, everything happens for a reason! I will be sending good career karma to Texas along with my best wishes! xoxo

SpryOnTheWall said...

Oh, hon, I have so been there. My hubby and I are both in Textiles where there is no such thing as job security. I even did a post about it.


It's not profound but maybe it will help a little. Hang in there, it's tough but things will work out. (keep in mind that my husband's company transferred him in October and I am in one city with our almost 1 year old and he's 2 1/2 hours away. We are praying our house will sell - but at least he got to keep his job, for now)
Keep the Faith!!!

Averill said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this and I can't imagine the stress/anxiety that must come with a lay off, especially in this market. That said though, it DOES sound like that your hubby was not in the best of work environments.

Let's just hope that he lands a new and better job quickly!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your well wishes, encouragement, & support. You are simply the best ♥

Alicia said...

Crap news for a great guy!!!!! I got slapped across the face similarly & its crap is the best word, because I am a lady & the right set of words are reserved for God only knows.
Screwed over puts you under a lot of strain (my words) so scream in a pillow heck beat it with your fist & eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's.
And tell that Scot of yours we proudly welcome him with open arms to our little fold of America!!! I wonder what idiot we should get rid of on June 10th?????

Alicia said...

I know...his former boss!!!!!

annechovie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husband losing his job! I tell ya, more often than not, it's the good people who get treated the worst. They unwittingly show-up those bereft of any charcater or integrity and so they are "uncomfortable" to have around. I have to agree with your friend Julie, though, she is right. Sounds like a blessing in disguise to be rid of that cast. I will keep you & your fam in my thoughts and prayers!

Christina said...

oh no, i'm so sorry. i'm sending the warmest of thoughts your way.

DesignTies said...

If the company your hubby worked for laid him off and kept the slackers, that doesn't say much for the company, does it?? Your hubby deserves better than that, and although it may be tough to see the bright side of things right now, I'm sure he'll look back at this one day soon and thank them for laying him off.

Jobs come and go -- memories of an important and meaningful event in your life last forever. Don't let this little bump in the road get either of you down -- your hubby has a big day to get ready for!!

Sending good vibes your way.....


lisa golightly said...

SO GLAD I stumbled upon your blog ( thanks to your comment on mine ). But so sorry to see the latest circumstances. If it's any help say, the very best thing that happened to me was getting fired 20 years ago. I cashed my final check of 63.00 and started a business and have never looked back. Perspective is always easier to finds when looking back isn't it ?

Chin up


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Thank you for coming to visit! I LOVE finding a new (to me) blog buddy!

I'm so sorry to read about your husband's job. God bless him....and you too! I love the quote from your friend. I hope you're not in the hallway for long.

How thrilling your DH's going to be a US citizen. Ahhhh.....how wonderful and bravo to him!

I read your profile........and whew......do I miss Fredrick and Nelson. I actually worked at Rhodes as a very young gal, which later became Fredrick and Nelson. And, as you know, Macy's bought The Bon Marche. It's just not the same. Macy's is nice, but I loved the Bon. It was nice to have a local store that wasn't part of a big chain.

Isn't Snohomish a great place? I get there whenever I can...

God bless you!


Toad said...

I'm saddened for you and your husband. I've been there, and done that, and somehow it always works out better in the end.

Fifi Flowers said...

You know you are RIGHT... one door closes and another OPENS... I hope that opens for you SOON!

Annie May said...

I know this feeling, it comes as a shock, but these times can be the best! It's amazing what can happen when you open yourself to new opportunities! Your husband sounds like an amazing guy and I wish you two all the best!