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21st century iconic fashion
~ Club Monaco ~

classic lines, classic fit, timeless style = good investment pieces
pieces you won't tire of & people won't tire of seeing you look fabulous in

Adore Club Monaco's music while shopping?
Download your copy of their favorite playlist here from iTunes
Quite terrific actually...

1. Lost & Found/Mux Mool
2. Habla Mi Corazon (feat. Skadi)/ Lemongrass
3. Mr. White Suit/Tape Five
4. The beat goes on/Jojo Effect
5. Senorita Bonita/Tape Five
6. Find a Way/Metropolitan Jazz Affair

before you ride away - check out Club Monaco's Summer line here
{go forth & shop responsibly}
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Averill said...

I love Grace and Katherine -- they're definitely two of my favorites.

You know, I never think about Club Monaco for some reason (I always tend to go for BR or JCrew), but these outfits are super cute. I'll have to give them a look-see. :)

Christina said...

great post, iconic women are always inspiring and now i really want that black and white polka dot dress. seriously not good for me.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Oh Audrey. Timeless. Your choices are fabulous!! I never think to go to Club Monaco either. I'm dying over that first dress!

SpryOnTheWall said...

There is a reason I named my daughter after Audrey Hepburn ;o)

mer said...

I love all of these ensembles!

Alicia said...

Grace was cool but for me it was Katherine & Audrey. Katherine with loved her menswear style off screen & insisted they be hers onscreen as well. Audrey embraced Givenchy & fought hard for his differences with the then Hollywood style. Thank God for the Hepburns & Club Monaco.
Averills right they do get lost in the shuffle of J Crew & Banana republic ads...which I don't really see much if any, am I wrong here??
Man I'm loving these clothes...thank you for the reminder.

Christy said...

Wow - I totally love all of these looks - and I could see buying a couple of them even. I have never been to a Club Monaco before - how lame am I?! And I clicked on the link you provided, but I couldn't figure out how to see the prices and/or shop online. Call me silly. Are the prices hidden? And can you shop online? Gracias.

pve design said...

All those chic things would certainly provide grace under pressure.
Love those photos.

Oliveaux said...

I love all these....so beautiful!

Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion said...

audrey hepburn is sooo wonderful!

Tamara said...

Great post - I love the pics of Audrey Hepburn and you've selected some great timeless outfits - I just wish I could 'one click' and buy them all!