French Fabulous

The talented Claudia Strasser who authors the gorgeous blog "The Paris Apartment" (among many, many fabulous things) announced yesterday that she has proudly "collided" with the incredibly tasteful online home furnishings and accessories boutique, FCL Style. I can't think of a better collaboration between two entities. Claudia for her knack and exquisite taste of the greatest in Parisian style; and FCL Style, which combines the periods, patterns, and pedigrees of the French design aesthetic into five unique collections. All pieces uniquely picked to bring the buyer endless possibilities.

FCL Style collects flea market finds, lively, fresh fabrics, and monochromatic streamlined furniture. They blend the new, the old, the modern to the traditional. Each visit to their online store is like a treasure hunt in the French Countryside. Congratulations to Claudia and if you adore Parisian Influence, FCL Style is le' magnifique!



{go forth & shop responsibly}
Their "Naturelle" line consists of organic & eco-friendly fabrics
be green

Thanks Melissa for hosting "Beautiful Life Friday". Congratulations to your daughter!
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Averill said...

I hadn't seen this online shop before, but it looks great! It's always nice to find really unique stores online -- quite a refreshing change from all the mainstream chains.

Christy said...

I'd never heard of it before either - but I love what I see from here. Those pillows in the all piled up spot are gorgeous. And that chaise above it - love it.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That pendant shade is too gorgeous.

Alicia said...

Ohhh I can't wait. I love that book!!!!!!

annechovie said...

I've never seen it before, either, but Claudia has serious talent so they must be a good combo. Thanks for the heads-up, Deb!

Naomi.labellefcl said...

Hi Claudia sent me link. Thank you for the tres fabu posting. I love what you did with our images on Polyvore. It is one of my favorite places to go for inspirations and to try out different layouts for ad campaigns and photoshoots. Thank you for your feedback and for introducing FCL into your world. it's only going to get better and if you follow me on twitter at labellefcl.com (I twittered for the first time on Sunday)I will alert you to all new updates let you all in on some exclusive Pierre Deux sales coming up.
Naomi/FCLstyle.com Marketing and PR Director

Boubou said...

Bonjour !
first time i come across your blog, so im gonan visit it now :)
well if you wanna be inspired by my collage or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Anonymous said...

ooh.. pretty stuff... i like! my favorites so far are the colorful pillows. www.fclstyle.com/home-decor/pillows-throws/4.

Anonymous said...

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