A Bushel of Apple App's

Apple's 8GB iPhone 3G falls to $99 on contract announced today. Get the story here.

here's no doubt that most of you are up on what an Apple Web Application is. My hopes are that I will introduce one or two into your life that you haven't heard of, or taken a second glance at.

A brief recap of what exactly an "App" is -

Basically it’s the Internet meets Multi-Touch. Web applications — or web apps — combine the power of the Internet with the simplicity of Multi-Touch technology, all on a 3.5-inch screen. iPhone and iPod touch let you easily flick through news on Digg, play Sudoku or Bejeweled with a finger tap, and quickly check movie times, train schedules, and favorite blogs.

Browsing web apps is easy. Just visit www.apple.com/webapps on your iPhone or iPod touch. You'll find a growing list of over 1700 web apps to flick and scroll through. Browse now here.

Now I wonder; how did I live without them? Darn those Apple people!

Here are my top 25 - Apple Apps:

Kilo |
A drop dead simple calorie tracking application that you can access

HelloVino | Wine pairing and suggestion tool. The service offers an easy-to-use “Question & Answer” process to offer a wine suggestion.
Beer Sommelier | Discover beer and food harmony with, your steward to the best beer styles to pair with any dish.
Have2P | Quickly find listings of nearby spots that have restrooms. And Version 2 makes it easier than ever!
Pandora Radioicon | Your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone.
Florafolio | Interactive field guide to native plants of North America. Great if you are shopping @ a local nursery & want to find plants native to your area.
Cooliris 1.8 | Provides an immersive, 3D full-screen environment for viewing images and videos online (free)
Easy Golf Score Card | Let’s you track your golf score in real time on EasyGolfStats.com Automatically upload your stats to your FREE member account.
iStarbucks | The entire Starbucks menu, mapping links to the nearest Starbucks, and free wallpaper.
Song Hog | Revolutionary song lyric search engine optimized for use on mobile devices.
Tip Calculator | Use this handy application to calculate tip and split the bill.
Mail Translator |Compose and send emails in foreign languages
Lurvely |Discover spectacular photography on Flickr.
This Week’s Movie Releases | Get this week’s movie releases delivered straight to your iPod touch or iPhone.
Roadtrippr | Roadtrippr is a community based road trip planner. Share and find great places to visit.
Ruler | Turn your iPhone into a ruler and measure the scale of small things.
Bubble Level | With this application you will always have a level tool in your pocket.
TubeJP: London Tube Journey Planner | London public transport journey planner and tube map of the london underground.
Whats The Wait? | Find and enter restaurant wait times and seating status nationwide.
iEmergency | A web application that lets you contact immediately emergency numbers around the world.
Cityvox | The city guide to find the most interesting places in France | Gives it’s users the opportunity to find the most interesting places to go out in France (in French).
ParisBouge | Find the best clubs, restaurants and parties in Paris.
iConvert | Converts multiple measurement units. Currently includes 379 units in 44 measurements. Can save as data-URL-bookmark to use offline.
Reader | Now the most advanced full featured portable online/offline eBook reader including a free public library.
Packagetrackr | An all-in-one tracking tool for all your shipments.

{go forth & shop responsibly}
Tech Savvy = Saving Time

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the paris apartment said...

I'm so sadly lacking in this department. I'd love to get an iphone but feel like the learning curve is getting steeper and steeper with all this to learn!

Alicia said...

Im waiting...its a rage I know but Im saivng for my mini breaks. Plus the kitty killed my camera so thats my new electronic purchae.

DesignTies said...

I have to admit that not only am I out of the loop with these apps, I'm totally out of the techie loop overall. I just have a basic cell phone that I hardly ever use. No iPod, no Blackberry, no gadgets.

I still need to find bathrooms the old fashioned way ;-) Good thing I can hold it!! :-D


The Townhouselady said...

When I left corporate America and handed back my crackberry I made a deliberate decision to NOT get a high tech phone. I was working and answering emails from my bed at night. NOT good. So now if I want to connect I have to go to a computer to do so.

Sometimes I miss it so much but I know it's for the best. My husband agrees!

Averill said...

Don't have the iPhone (still prefer a BB with a keyboard) but I do have the iTouch and it's pretty much the same thing except that there's no phone (and the internet is only available when you're within a wireless range). Still though, it's great to play with, costs less than the iPhone and (best of all) there's no monthly fees!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a fabulous list! I'm about to get an Iphone so the hubs and I are on the same plan and the only apps he has are boring boy ones.

Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

I don't have an iphone, but my husband is always adding apps to my google phone. It seems like every time I look there is a new one. What did we do before we could customize our phones like this?!

red ticking said...

ok, i have to admit it, i did not read this post... you caught me at the story of your blog name and i had to comment immediately.
i will NEVER forget walking into bonwit teller in boston and the aaah feeling i had each time... and even the way it smelled... it was incredible.... and i agree, none of them are the way they once were.. and living in seattle ... our only choice is nordstroms.. i miss NM, saks,berdorf, and all of the wonderful other stores... but the good news.. i get to travel to visit them!! thanks for the great memory today - you made my day...


I LOVE my iphone apps! Thanks for your list - I'm off to download Have2P and Whats the Wait.

Are you getting the new version? I'm waffling but I probably will. Damn these Apple people indeed!

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