Today There Are Many Winners

Visual Vamp Update - Today I read the most magnificent news that Alberto and Valorie are now back on U.S. soil and in their beloved New Orleans. 

This is a brief update today from Valorie's blog -
"Alberto Paz is out of surgery in NEW ORLEANS! His doctor, Dr. Bhansali is brilliant! He did the stent in record time, and saved Alberto from having the dangerous open heart surgery the Canadian doctors were holding us hostage for. Thank you everyone for your donations and prayers to get us home! We hope to leave the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday! More later...xo xo"
The online auction for the "Simple Home" book to benefit our friend in need Valorie *Visual * Vamp * Hart and her beloved Alberto has officially ended.

However..the grand news is the auction has been extended by it's creator Laura Ingalls Gunn of 'Decor To Adore' and 'Metis Linens'. If you would like to join the linky party and you have an item you'd like to contribute, please click here to jump on the band-wagon. Check back often to bid on any of these terrific items on auction for a such a worthy cause.
The talented and generous Patricia of

who kindly bid $35.00. I wish to thank all the thoughtful bidders and those sending their warm wishes and prayers to Alberto and Valorie during this devastating time.

THIS..all of it, is what makes blogging a magnificent, strange, heart-warming, and inspiring world to be part of. I treasure each and every one of you. 

** It will be a glorious day when Valorie and Alberto are back on the dance floor dancing the tango that they were born to do.

*Patricia watch for an email from the dumbwit!!

Cheers my dears xx

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MFAMB said...


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I so wish we had our merch up and running. What wonderful news!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I'm just now catching up on this wonderful homecoming ~ and I will go forth now and see what I can offer/give.

You are so right, moments and 'pull togethers' like these are what make blogging so incredible!

debra@dustjacket said...

Hi there, I've just been having a catch up and read up on all this news. It is amazing the connections and things that happen through blogging. We have such a wonderful community of bloggers I believe.

xoxox DJ

Christy said...

Hurrah - what great news, all around. xo

pve design said...

Looks like a win win for me and for Alberto and Valerie to be home....praying for them and that they are both back on the tango dance floor!

North of 25A said...

Such good news - congratulations to PVE.