pixie porn

I have a crush
Carey Mulligan
a coiffure crush

is this not a face you want to pinch?

and  if

Emma Watson
I cut my hair
pixie perfect

will I
 Mia Wasikowska
look as youthful and beatific as these divine creatures?
Mia Farrow
what comes around
goes around
and around
Audrey Hepburn
and certain styles become

Jean Seberg
and we recall a place in time.

Michelle Williams
It's those iconic looks
Ginnifer Goodwin
that grab our attention
Sienna Miller + Britt Maren
and for a moment
Audrey Tautou
captures our heart
Janet Jackson + Agyness Deyn
and we admire their bravery

Christy Turlington
to wear 'it' short and to be tres chic

 Ashlee Simpson + Eddie Sedgwick
Would you look this fabu?

Does your long hair define you?
Is a pixie for the youth only?

{go forth and live responsibly}
love your locks
Cheers my dears for a happy weekend  xx

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Deb,
Well, I've had long, straight hatr virtually all of my life and would need a psychiatrist and a bottle of piills standing by if I was to even contemplate the pixie hairstyle !!!!
I think that you have to have a very petite and beautiful face to pull it off.
But then...what do I know ? I wouldn't take any notice of me....I've never even had shortish hair !!!! XXXX

Kori said...

Great post honey! I am so excited for Carey to play in Gatsby! Make sure to enter my Christmas giveaway before next week!


Kori xoxo

Emily+Anthony said...

GO FOR IT DEB!!!! You would look adorbs in a pixie cut!!! Rock. It. Out!!!

Dianne said...

I think Audrey Tatou definitely has the face for the pixie look ~ It would be a brave move Deb ~ one thing to keep in mind is that ~ hair grows~ So... if it's not so nice!!! just stay home
for 6 months and Voila!! pixie will be gone !!

French Basketeer.com said...

Great post, Deb. I love the pixie look on all these gals and just noticed Emma's this morning in our newspaper~ she looks fantastic! Me, no way. When I was a child and the Dorothy Hammel haircut was so big, my Mom insisted I have that cut. OK Til I was getting on the bus and the driver said something like "thank you young man." I was like, excuse me, I'm a GIRL. That was the end of short hair. It's been shoulderish length since then. Have a wonderful weekend!!

vicki archer said...

Love this Deb.....would like to be a pixie but probably won't ever be.....xv

Brillante Interiors said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful young ladies, a cut that seems so easy but instead so difficult to maintain and definetely not flattering on many "normal" people.
Love the post and Jean Seberg's haircut was a great hit at the time!

Jane said...

hi Deb - what a dilemma - whilst long hair looks great on some women older than 30 (!!) Like Jackie!!! Sometimes it looks really terrible. Like on Cher ...

Ny hairdresser is trying to talk me into one of those haircuts, not the supershort one more like the Sienna one. One day I will just do it but boy I think it takes some guts !

joanna said...

Pixie looks divine on these very pixie looking faces and perfect make up and lighting.... but not so much a fan of this look -tried it once way back when, and cried for weeks - afterward for my mistake, and vowed never again. sigh ,

have a lovely week end.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Deb, YOU can and should have a pixie!! I love every single one of these looks... Audrey Tautou's feels very modern. Hey... is that Hockney painting in your right hand column of "Billy?!" Have a wonderful weekend!!! OXO

Hill House Ramblings said...

Wonderful post Deb! Carey Mulligan is indeed adorable. She could carry off any look, but she is particularly gorgeous with short hair. I've always loved Mia Farrow's hair in a pixie...and Jean Seberg looks impossibly cool. I had a pixie when I was in college. I loved it, but I've never had the courage to do it again! Now I have it long...but hmm, maybe?:) Have a great weekend!


Millie said...

As an 11 year old in 1967, I took a pic of pixie Mia Farrow to the hairdresser & said 'Do it!' So she cut off my waist length blonde hair in one swoop. BIG MISTAKE. I cried every day for the next year -I looked hideous. Never again. But I still reckon Halle Berry's never looked more gorgeous than when she sported the pixie look a couple of years ago. Deb this is a style that takes courage, a real No Guts, No Glory job.
Millie ^_^

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I recently had my hair cut short (not quite a pixie but if I was younger) and I must say it has been the best thing I have done in years. I love, love these haircuts and everyone of them was in my file waiting until I had the haircut nerve. I doubt I will ever had long hair again. So easy and I think it did help take a few years off and gave me back lots of maintenance time. It can always grow back so I say go for it, it can be a lovely change. Much love XO

Christy said...

What a fabulous, fun post. I say GO FOR IT! I wish I were brave enough. But honestly, I just don't have the time - I have a feeling that cut takes time to 'do' and I am more of a shower and run type of girl, at the moment!

Happy weekend!

Renae Moore said...

My biking buddy (age 49) has an adorable pixie cut. I say, 'go for it'! It's only hair, it grows back if you don't like it! I just got mine shaped up again and love it!
DO IT and send pix!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Emma Watson looks amazing with her new short hair, doesn't she? And Carey Mulligan is beyond adorable. Me? I don't think I have the head for it. I've had long hair for ages. It's me, I suppose. And I do love the versatility. Up, down, braided, ponytail, hat.

Ms. Smart said...

fun post. currently working a pixie cut myself. love it. cute, polished, chic.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Interestingly hair is everywhere-I am following up on long and gray (Dominique Browning) Oddly this pixie is pure youth, face with no wrinkles me thinks. exception 1 51 year old friend that looks fabulous- there is one in every bunch, no?

A Perfect Gray said...

oh.my.stars. Deb! you have absolutely read my mind. I want to do this SO BADLY. But I am petrified. Probably because I'm too old AND I don't have those killer cheek bones. Oh. but I still want to do it! What about you? You gonna go for it?!!! We can dream can't we...???

Great piece! Love to you! Donna

Jen said...

I do have long hair but that's just because I look terrible in short. But I love the pixie cut too! And it's so not just for the young... have you seen Jamie Lee Curtis's cut? Love it!

Brabourne Farm said...

I did it once - it looked OK but I always felt like something was missing! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

Renée Finberg said...

don't do it.
it is a nightmare to grow out!!!


24 Corners said...

I think pixies look their *very* best when worn by a pixie...that being said, I'm forever trying to carry a semi-pixie-ish bob off ala Amelie. I don't think I ever really pull it off but, in my imagination I do...and that's what counts doesn't it?! I feel more pixie-ish and Amelie-ish with it.

Love Emma's new look by the way...if there ever was a pixie, it's her...and remember Wynona Ryder's pixie look? She had the same pixie mojo going on.

I say go for it Deb...it's hair ~ and thank heavens, it does grow! ;)
xoxo J~

Alexandra said...

i just cut my hair to a bob and I love it!

Renée Finberg said...

when i last commented,
i was tired and just home from work.

do it.
you would look good in
a pixie doo.
...and it isn't so bad
growing it out if you don't like it.

i have a problem with short, short hair because i need to pull it up and off my neck in a ponytail sometimes.

because i can get hot and anxious sometimes when i am working with PEOPLE! U NO?


quintessence said...

Love this post!! I think we've all been admiring Carey Mulligan's adorable new "do" and I of course remember fondly all these other iconic pixies. My long hair is a security blanket for me, so as much as I love the look and can only imagine a coif with such easy maintenance, I think I'll be sticking with my long locks.

Barbara said...

Oh now...not for youth only. In fact, I think as you get older, long hair pulls your face down.
That pixie look is always in. I have tried long hair twice in my life and gave it up both times as a bad job. It's short again and everyone says I look 10n years younger. I don't know about that, but it sure is easier!

SpryOnTheWall said...

Oh, how I wish I could pull off a pixie cut! I love all these images! You should go for it! I've had my hair short, but it just doesn't work on me (my hubby saw pictures and laughed - eek!) I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! xoxo

Giulia said...

I've had both (long & gamine - "pixie" reminds me of what my mother told me when on way to salon) & both styles are great fun. No great bravery is needed but a solid sense of oneself is good. Plus, I must say in this economy, if your hair grows quickly (mine does), forget it. Trims/cuts every 6-8 weeks for maintenance are budget busters unless you have found someone who does a fabulous job for very little money. If you find that, let me know.

You have to have good bone structure & jawline for really short cuts to do justice so pull up your hair, take your hand mirror in, well, hand & go to large wall mirror. Be ruthless about this or you will shriek.

Good luck to everyone (it really does grow back:)


PS: I love Carey but no Gatsby film for me...can't be done.

Anastasia Schembri said...

I love the pixie and I think everyone should sport this look at least once in their lifetime! So many beautiful women hide behind long hair that weighs them down and hides their true beauty.
Hope you are having a super start to your week!

North of 25A said...

Not for me! Between having a round middle aged face now and forced to wear a pixie cut until I was 10 years old, I am scarred for life. Would you believe I have never had hair below my shoulder? Right now I am going with what I call the North Shore flip. Great post.

DolceDreams said...

I would admire your bravery! I have always had long hair, and still do although I wonder at what age it should get shorter....in my 20's I cropped it all off, just like these pix ~ and it was fun! The problem that I would not look forward to again was the grow out phase...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I hope your family will be home ?

KellyM said...

I'm just had my 53rd birthday and cut 8 inches off...not quite pixie but shorter than it's been since I was under my mother's thumb. I've had more complements than I've had in years...people say it's taken 10 or so years off me..long hair can drag some more 'mature' faces down and that was my case...I say go for it..I've done some kooky things to my hair..remember those perms? It just keeps growing....

MFAMB said...

my whole life before age 33 my hair was pixie short.
just exactly like emma watson's...i loved it and have thought about doing it again...but i fear it may be for the youth only.

Anonymous said...

I've always had long hair, and I love it. Although the pixie cut is cute, I'd never go for it. It can also be very harsh if your face is not absolute perfection. It is just not the most forgiving of styles. Men like long hair anyways ;).
Wishing you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving.
*kisses* HH

Tatieva art said...

Divines, divines beautés !
Elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres. Que le "court" est beau, ainsi porté par ces ports de tête gracieux...

A Perfect Gray said...

deb, just stopping by to wish you a happy thanksgiving.

love to you, donna

Francine Gardner said...

I was just thinking of cutting my hair...
Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Thanksgiving with your family, francine

Parisbreakfasts said...

So much fun!
Love those close to the head hair cuts...

La Petite Gallery said...

Such beautiful girls and look at where their lives went. Some had greatness and others sadness.
That Cher is just amazing.


Tish Jett said...

What an adorable post.

Never, not at any age, have I ever dared to have a pixie cut. I'm just not pixie material. I would look like a pin-head, people would turn and point, laugh.

One must have a pixie body to go with pixie hair, although do love Sienna Miller's bangs or fringe, or whatever they're called.


Karena said...

Hi Deb, I love, love the look and did get a pixie do when I was very young, It just was not me. I can go short, just not that short!

Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Love it! Emma Watson is so smoking with her new 'do. I cut my hair a couple days ago but didn't dare go this short — more power to those who do!


I definitely don't think it's only for the youth but you have to have the look to pull it off. Some days I just want to chop all of my hair off but always chicken out!

Red Boots said...

I had short hair most of my childhood, at the insistence of my mum, and I think it scarred me. I've always had longish hair since I was a teenager - I think it's a prolonged rebellion!!

If you do it and don't like it then hair grows. If you don't do it then you'll never know if it would suit you!


ps: You should definitely go to the Edinburgh Christmas market next year!

Privet and Holly said...

I was absolutely
MEANT to read this
post today, as I've
got a hair appointment,
tomorrow! Don't think
I'm brave enough to
take the pixie plunge,
yet, but as my once
glorious locks become
less and less abundant,
I'm most definitely starting
to think about going
really short. If I didn't
have highlights, I might
be more inclined...but
think of how often you'd
have to have them retouched.
GREAT post!!
xx Suzanne

Lucille said...

Judi Dench?

Ingrid Tunheim said...

What a lovely post, beautiful girls. I have had short hair all my life, but that short only once in my early teens...Have a lovely week-end.

Splendid Sass said...


red ticking said...

i saw a darling girl today with the "haircut" and she looked amazing... all of the women in your post are amazing... i did the sharon stone cut years ago and wanted to cry... never again for moi!

great post... as always sweet friend...
hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving... xx

Pinecone Camp said...

I love pixie cuts, but they don't love me. Had one once....not good.
Have a good weekend!

Curious Sofa said...

Oh my, you're reading my mind. I SOOOO want to cut it all off. I have most of these images in my stash to show my hairdresser. I have always loved the pixie and even had one once. It is so freeing. And it takes a very special man to love it too!

Lisa Porter said...

Can you photoshop yourself with a pixie first?
Gosh I would. So many of us have cut our hair for emotional reasons & THEN find out that hair is not the answer to many of life's questions. I did it after my first was born...came home and cried for weeks.
I'm waiting to finish my shopping until I catch a glimpse of your list!!!
xo Lisa

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

You would look gorgeous with a pixie cut! I love the 'do, but short hair doesn't flatter my round face, and I'm not sure how I would tame the curls.

Fifi Flowers said...

ooooh how I remember when my maman gave me what she called a Mia Farrow via Rosemary Baby haircut... oui oui oui... Fifi had a pixie in kindergarten.

Renae Moore said...

So Deb...what did you decide? I like Lisa's idea of photoshopping it first.

Renae Moore said...

So Deb...what did you decide? I like Lisa's idea of photoshopping it first.

Anonymous said...

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