The Blonde Bombshell

A glamorous blonde. Origin: first used to describe Jean Harlow. Her US film 'Bombshell' was released in 1933. The mystique of the blond has been eternal with both men and women since the beginning of time. Poems and myths have been written about the golden haired woman. Up until World War II, a woman who dyed her hair was considered "fast". Hollywood depicted the blonde as being dumb, naughty, and immoral...oh my.

Grace Kelly
(Princess Grace of Monaco)

Debbie Harry

'Happy Birthday" to my favorite blogging
Blonde Bombshell
- Renee Finberg -
(Renee Finberg Tells All in her blog about her adventures in design blogspot)



"I couldn't stay away any longer.
After all, you are ....

One thing led to another
(Renee never did have any will-power when it came to dark & handsome)

And our lovers Renee & Cary drove off
into the sunset but first, lunch @ Laudrée.

{go forth & live responsibly}
Birthday's are Bliss

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DolceDreams said...

Fantastic post! What an incredible friend you are to concoct such greatness...love it!
Happy Birthday Renee....!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, I love the old black and white films and almost all of the above talented stars. Growing up they were my pin-ups, I loved the elegant dresses they wore and all the glamour. I often watch the movies with my daughter and all I notice now are their narrow waist-lines!!. Wishing you a lovely week.

Love & Hugs

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Deb, your friend b-day posts are SO brilliant!!!
Happy mid-week to you! oxo Barbara

Anonymous said...

i screamed when i started to figure this out!! what a great friend you are!! this was much fun!!
love! love! love!!

Visual Vamp said...

Another great birthday post!
Renee will love this!
Can I get on your birthday list ha ha
xo xo

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of beautiful ladies. Almost makes mw wish i was a blonde (but i dont think it would suit me).
Hope you had a nice Valentines day daaaaahling.
*kisses* HH
p.s. after reading your post on mcqueen, i decided to do one too. i gave u a little shout out :)

Unknown said...

This is such an amazing post!!! So wonderful to see gorgeous pictures of beautiful blonds.:-)You are such a great friend for doing this - I enjoyed reading through your funny post cards. :-) Simply beautiful!

Magdalena said...

Hi Deb, gorgeous post and beautiful blondes. I wish I could pull off being a blonde bombshell but it just doesn't suit my Italian Olive skin.
I love Cary Grant and have been watching a lot of old black and white movies lately , last night I watched Casablanca again for the one hundredth time.
Hope all is well and warm, it is still snowing here

Brabourne Farm said...

Lucky Renee for getting the divine Cary AND Paris for her birthday - she's one very lucky girl! Love this gorgeous post and all those beautiful blonde women. Leigh

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour, You really are a sweet friend, this was so much fun. So many beautiful blondes. I just discovered Renee's blog about Cary Grant so this was so great that you arranged Mr Grant and Paris!

I joined as a follower but have not been getting your new posts in my reader, I'll figure it out yet.

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

deb. your sweet, kind words meant so much to me this morning. thank you. you know what it's like to love these "best friends".

Renée Finberg said...


i am hysterical, :) :) :) :)
i am laughing so damn hard....
and thank you for that!
you, my dearest deb, have blown my mind with this.

you are brilliant and so creative.
i love this birthday post.
you are truly the best!!
(i will be viewing it forever)
i love you & thank you so much

....and i know you know how i needed this...

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Renee YOU made my month xxoo

Dan Finberg said...

you have defined being on top of the world, and put Renee there -- a perfect birthday gift -- i love it!

Haven and Home said...

Truly an amazing birthday post, your friends are so blessed!

Renae Moore said...

This is the most endearing and heartfelt and loving birthday card. It truly captures our friend Renee! She is a jewel that is for sure.
the 'other' Renae

Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

Fabulous post. They are all so glamourous. Maybe this is why I'm gradually going back to blonde! xoxo

vicki archer said...

Deb, this is brilliant. I absolutely love it as did the birthday girl. xv

Haute World said...

You do the most wonderful birthday posts for your friends! Beautiful selection of iconic blondes and I like your balloon ride idea ;-)

P.S. If your stay in Scotland would be only for a year or two, I'd definitely do it. I'm sure there are ways you can rent out your house without selling it and I think living abroad would be an experience of a lifetime!

Cashon&Co said...

woah!!! from one blonde to another....loved this! First, Renee fits right in with them. Second, Love that you included Deborah Harry...(when I was 12 I cut my hair just like her, bleached it white and wore electric blue eye-liner, and new-wave clothes. wanted to be Atomic. ha) and THIRD. my birthday is Jan. 8, so you have 11 months to create a love story between me & BONO. I even have a photo of us together that you can include....hahahhahahhah. no but seriously. hahahahah. no really though.

DesignTies said...

Deb, you write the most fun & creative posts :-) It's so wonderful how you honour your friends with such kind, touching, and thoughtful words :-)

Hope my New Orleans/pancake post didn't make you too hungry to sleep!! ;-)

Don't give up on finding that wallpaper -- if you keep looking, I'm sure you'll come across it. And be sure to snap it up when you do!!

I'm doing well, thanks. Hope you are too :-)


La Petite Gallery said...

Dear Debbie ,
That is the most creative Post ever, You sure put alot of work into it. I thank you,
Renee Thanks you , our dogs thank you and so does Cary Grant.
ps, not in this order.


Sarah Ring said...

Oh I love these incredible birthday post! Happy birthday Renee!! Enjoy your Paris apartment and delish Mr. Grant!


Cheers to Renee! <3

Christy said...

What a fabulous present to her this post is! I loved it! Happy Birthday to her!!!

Kori said...

Great post! I love all these photos...check out Cary Grant in his swim briefs! Kori xoxo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Deb,
I'm so sorry that I am late for this post. I've put my blogs I follow in order of posting and it's rubbish.!! I am going to go back to alphabetical order.
This is fantastic. What a wonderful post for Renee's birthday. You are such a good friend and you put so much time and effort into these special posts Deb.

"Julie" said...

champagne? carey grant? LOVE

James said...

my goodnes I do believe I'm getting the vapors!Smelling salts!

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh Deb I just love this. What a gorgeous gift for an obviously gorgeous gal.

Punctuation Mark said...

Oh Cary Grant! they don't make'em like him anymore...

Averill said...

What a wonderful tribute to Renee -- I'm going to go check out her blog immediately.

And it is interesting how the world is obsessed with blondes. My sister was blonde and we were always the "blonde/blue-eyed one" and the "brunette one" -- and somehow this was supposed to define us as people as well! Perhaps our fascination with blondes steam from the same fascination with youth (after all, most blondes go brown as they grow up)?

Maya said...

Renee certainly looks as stunning as all the other "Bombshells"! And I love that Ursula Andress and Elke Sommer are in the mix (with me being Swiss and German speaking).

lisa golightly said...

Dear B. Bombshell Deb ... Just love how you take what's in your head and run with it !!! Back when I didn't like having red hair, I wanted to be Grace Kelly... she was the closest thing to perfection ! But you, my you my dear, are sweet as they come ... lucky lucky Renee !!!

AJ at OFLBlog said...

Deb, I am laughing so hard the cats are hiding under the bed!! You are so incredibly inventive and so devoted a friend! A super, super friend and we are all lucky to know you and have a chance to enjoy your humour! Much love to you and thanks for the laughs! oxox AJ
Happy Birthday, Blonde Bombshell!

Jane said...

So so divine. You couldn't ask for more than that. i must check out this Miss Renee Finberg she is super stylish. xoxo

Splenderosa said...

Simply splendid, Deb & Renee. Wild, wonderful, beautiful & filled with loving. However, I must tell both of you Cary (Mr. Blandings) is MINE! Both of you just forget about running off to Paris with him.

Congratulations to 2 beautiful blondes who seem to miss no fun at all. Love it. xxooxx's, me

Kitty said...

Deb, I love how you go all out! I had no idea Ursula was ever a blonde; I only know her from the Superman movie when she was pixie-shorn with black hair and black everything else! Fascinating! xo kitty

Jenn @ Dear Heart said...

Sweet post from a sweet friend.

Millie said...

You gorgeous girl Deb, what a truly awesome Birthday post for the Divine Miss F.!! I reckon if Cary G. was still in an above-ground position, Renee would be stalking him right this very minute. That girl wouldn't rest until she was the next Mrs. Grant. I've had a love/hate relationship with my blonde hair for 54 years - I have longed to be called 'enigmatic & mysterious', a phrase that's often given to our dark-haired sisters, never to the blonde brigade.
Millie ^_^

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh my goodness DEB
I dont know how i missed this.. i've been looking out for your next post.. but somehow overlooked it...

This is FANTASTIC.. so great... I'm sure Renee was thrilled!! Blondes are just the best .. aren't they?? hahahaha... I love this post.. every image.. except Cary in what looks to be his Y fronts.. i probably could of skipped that one.. hahahaha Okey Dokey.. sorry Renee and Deb for being late... no explanation for my tardiness!! haha xxx Julie

Anthony said...

Deb, you are just so smart and clever! You truly inspire me. But it's not just your wit and creativity, it's also the way you show others that you care and really value their friendship by being so thoughtful (AND willing to spend God-only-knows-how-long on special dedicated posts, such as this one).

It probably doesn't even seem like that big of a deal to you because I'm sure you must totally enjoy doing it! But I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents worth and say that you really are a beautiful, giving person!

Also, if you're ever having one of those bad, low self-esteem kinda days where you don't feel good about yourself or anything you do... just remember that you DO make a big, positive difference to a LOT of people out here in the world wide 'Blog-O-sphere'! :)

Can you tell I'm a fan?

Sarah Klassen said...

Some of the most intelligent and inspirational women I know/am fond of, are blonde! Indeed, I completely agree with you. (I'm such a fan of so many of these lovelies that you have showcased)

And what a fun post you have created. I just love how creative and unique your posts are -- they keep me so interested and wondering what you have to share next :)

I hope your week has been splendid so far / xo

Kellie Collis said...

You are very clever with your posts... And so very thoughtful!! x

Slices of Beauty... said...

Love Grace Kelly!
Beautiful post.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a beautiful post. Grace Kelly was a work of art!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gracious, what a fabulous birthday present for sweet Renee!
I am tempted to tell you that my birthday is April 7th, but I'd better not.

The Style Mansion said...

Lovely post. All of these women are so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Stopped to wish you spectacular weekend :-) I can hardly believe that the February is comming to an end...

Jg. for FatScribe said...

DT -- are you and your friends all in the blonde bombshell club? you guys are such good friends to each other ... nice to see how one can become so close to a fellow blogger (is that a "sister from another server"?) and then lavish them with praise. still wishing you well in your decision making Re: Scotland!! -- Jg.

SpryOnTheWall said...

Awesome post!! I swoon over Cary Grant! You are such a sweetheart!

Francine Gardner said...

What a fantastic and fun tribute to your friend Renee!
You really are the best.... can you tell me why being french, I cannot look like Catherine Deneuve...perhaps my life would change if I died my hair blonde...

Beadboard UpCountry said...

OMG! This was hysterical and fabulous!!!!You didn't miss one hot blonde from that era!!!!Renee is very lucky to have a friend like you what a great post. Witty and Clever and a good read to boot... I was loving every bit....Happy Birthday to Renee......Well done!
Maryanne xo

hello gorgeous said...

I love any post with my husband, Cary Grant, in it. And my favorite Hitchcock Blonde, Princess Grace.

Oliveaux said...

A fabulous birthday post; very clever...Happy birthday to Renee!! Ax

custardbydesign said...

and not a chocolate in sight...

very funny and clever...

red ticking said...

never a dull moment with you my darling... thanks for spreading so much sunshine in every post .... i adore you... go claim at my blog! xoxo

JennyMac said...

All bombshells for sure! Love the bday wishes for your friend too. You are so creative.

Renée Finberg said...

this is STILL a brilliant post !!!

Laura said...

How fabulous...as a brunette I've never been much for blondes, although I confess to loving every single one of them that you've posted about here! Your friend Renee is of course number one (I adore that birthday story by the way, especially the Laduree part) and Debbie Harry always steals my heart a bit.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Happy (belated) birthday Renee! I do believe that Grace Kelly was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen (yes, my girl crush showing).

Michelle said...

So funny...I had to go back and do a double take. LOL.

Happy Birthday Renee!

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Renée Finberg said...

I don't know if I ever thanked you for this......Hugs & kisses.

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