Pictorialization of Paris

Hang on to your beret my Francophile friends and welcome to
Hotel Everland
A project by the artist-duo L/B - Sabing Lang (born 1972 in Bern), Daniel Baumann (born 1967 in San Francisco). Their biography literally is pages of art installations and projects that have been mapped all over the world.

Everland is a Hotel with only one room including a bathroom, a king-size bed and a lounge. The bouneous dimensioned room represents the subjective dream of a hotel: the architecture, the playful details, as well as the request to steal the golden embroidered bath towels. Basically all Everland guests were partaking in the project.

Also the concept for operating the hotel was defined by the artists. All facets are important constituents of the artistic idea: The room can be booked for one night only, the mini-bar is fully stocked and included in the price, breakfast is delivered to the door and a record collection stands at ones disposal.

The Tour

Hotel Everland was first developed on invitation of the Curator Gianni Jetzer for the Exhibition concept "Everland" at the Swiss national exhibition in the year 2002. The Hotel was planned by L/B and built in Burgdorf.

It was then transported to Yverdon where it was located on the lake of Neuchatel for 4 months. After the end of Expo 02', the mobile pavilion was brought to Brugdorf and was placed on the factory roof at L/B studio.

From June 2006 until September 2007 the one room hotel was exhibited and run as a Hotel on the roof-deck of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany.

As a last destination Hotel Everland moved to Paris from October 2007 until spring 2009. High above the city, with a view on the Eiffel Tower, it is installed on the roof of Palais de Tokyo. It was also possible to book the room for the night or visit it during the day.

A book about the project is available by Christoph Merian Verlag.


"It's what we thought of as an ideal hotel room," Lang told Reuters as she
watched a giant crane being prepared to winch the prefabricated
green unit up from the back of a truck.

Art {creation meant to communicate or appeal to senses of the mind}

Guests paid 333 euros ($473) a night during the week and 444
euros at weekends, a comparable rate to other hotels in the chic 16th
arrondissement, with charges used to cover running costs.
Julia Schäfer, curator of the GFZK Leipzig where the hotel spent 320 nights, observed the uniqueness of the Everland's guest book and wrote, "More commonly used to gauge the satisfactions of hotel guests, the 'guest book' gives us good ideas of Everland's effect on overnight visitors. Many people left drawings. They drew Everland, they drew themselves on the sofa by the window or the view outside. They tried to find individual forms of expression, tried to be other than 'normal'. They were exclusive and never boring; They felt part of the 'Everland-community'. It sounds almost esoteric-but that's how it reads. You get the impression that the people who were there came out purged. It was like a trip in a space ship - that's how it was perceived".

Bye bye Paris - After 159 nights in Yverdon, 320 nights in Leipzig and finally 557 nights in Paris, the tour of Hotel Everland came to an end. L/B stated that the project was not a prototype. Painful as it is for those of us that never had the excitment of staying in the magnificent hotel/artistic blueprint, there will be no further hotels - "Au Revior"

{go forth & live responsibly}
travel feeds the soul

research credit & photo: smh.com.au; everland.cu;


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow, that is crazy interesting. My fear of heights would have probably prevented me from partaking, but it looks like it was gorgeous!

Duchess of Tea said...

Fascinating as always darling, thank you so much for these amazing posts, I have learned so much simply by visiting your blog.
Have a Sweet Peat Monday

Duchess xx

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I admire those who think outside the box...
Great new week dear~

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Think I would love the view in Paris. I wonder if the room inspired the guest book creativity or if the guests the room attracted were those of a creative bent. Interesting post. Have a great week. x Julie

Christy said...

Wow that is pretty spectacular! I've never heard of it before - thanks for sharing with us.

Hope your summer is going well!

Averill said...

I'm sad to hear they won't be continuing this project -- it sounds like spending a night in (or I suppose really becoming a part of) an art exhibit. Fascinating!

debra@dustjacket said...

Just a tiny bit scared of heights, so it sort of freaked me out. Interesting post.

SpryOnTheWall said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Francine Gardner said...

I would have loved to spend a night there, but id not have the .......
this is also a hint for the Showtime Show we are doing and...stressing about. Only 3 weeks to get everything done and we just closed the concept phase....will keep you posted

annechovie said...

Very cool, Deb! How fun would it be to stay in a place like that?!!

Slices of Beauty... said...

So right, travel feeds the soul!

Glad to hear the post helped you feel better.
All the best as your son returns to college.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...that's so Paris!! There is always some crazy scuplture as you approach the Eiffel Tower, as well. I think this is kinda cool!


Kalee said...

Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more! Great post.

Kellie Collis said...

Wow this doesnt even look real to me! The view is amazing! x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I think it would make me nervous!

Magdalena said...

Stunning..As terrified as I am of heights, I think I could happily be in there right this minute. Would be too amazing to let my fears keep me from that glorious view and experience. Once again your posts continue to inpire me and educate me!!

Haute World said...

Oh wow... I actually passed this the other day with my husband - pointed at it and joked.. "I wonder if someone lives there". He said it'd be a terrific view for an apartment but we had no idea it was actually a hotel. Thanks for clearing this up! A fascinating concept I must say! I wouldn't mind trying that out for a night or two..

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