Blown Away

Dearest Otto: You blew me away at the first hello. Others may find you hot; I however, find you refreshing but cool to the eyes. Like a tall drink of delectable water.
Otto, you compete me.
The Otto
classic, modern, timeless

a well spent 199.99
snag a refurbished model with a one-yr. guarantee for 149.99
Read about Swizz Style- the company here

{go forth & shop responsibly}
don't blow you money on the ugly


Haven and Home said...

Hello, I think I am in love. BTW- Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I LOVE your header, very cool

annechovie said...

Very chic! ;>) Hope you are having a better week this week!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow,is that so much cuter than our Wal Mart special that the hubs insists blow on him every night despite the fact that the air is on 74 and a ceiling fan is blowing full blast.

Kellie Collis said...

Very, very stylish..... There are lots of places in my home this would look divine in! Gorgeous post.

SpryOnTheWall said...

Love it!!!


Oh this is very stylish. I don't need a fan but if I did, this would definitely be the one.

Alicia said...

Otto do you believe in couch surfing? I'd like for you to stay with me as well.