Dream a Little Dream

I need to be in AA for Esty - alcoholic's. Even 'CBS Sunday Morning' had a segment this past Sunday about this "online art fair." Today's Esty affair began with the discovery of a 'dream journal'. Since I was five I have been crazy for the idea of diaries and journals. I can snatch that memory of getting my first Barbie diary right out of the air, just like it was yesterday. Oh, my gosh - the idea of having your own secretive key was empowering. That is until one of my brother's would hijack that wholly key & hold it ransom.

But I'm an adult now (darn it) and what a fun thing idea is thought of recording your dreams? Now, I know that most of us are thinking, dare we write down all our dreams? Well, I know I would be somewhat selective. Never know who might get their hands on one of those once I enter the ole' nursing home? All & all, what fantastic way to look back into your rem-time thoughts?

Two of my favorite journals were from sackcloth design, & A Bushel and A Peck. I clipped this 'diddy' from sackcloth design:

"Those who believe we have a lot to learn about ourselves from our dreams are big proponents of dream journals." http://health.howstuffworks.com/dream4.htm

I'm always on the hunt for new, thoughtful gift ideas. I think I just found another one for the list.

{go forth & shop responsibly} - & dream a little dream of me!

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