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I saw a photo yesterday of a pin cushion. You see my mother has terminal cancer. That simple, unassuming image brought up a wealth of memories so dear to me, memories of my mom. My mother was a talented seamstress and is a very stylish woman. She sewed my clothing from birth, even my maternity clothes. You see I often complained that I was the 'only one' that had 'home-made' clothing. When I graduated from a Seattle suburban high school in the mid 70's, I was elected "best-dressed" for my class. As I look back, that was quite a tribute to her skills.
I think of that pin cushion that mom would wear on her slender wrist, or that crocheted number a friend from church or her bridge club had dearly hand made for her. As I grow older, I too have discovered it IS the simple things in life that are remembered so tenderly. My grandmother's apron, stuffed with Kleenex and hard candies.
I hope these photos help you remember what is special to you about the simplest of things in your life.
How great to receive these little treasures?

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Boojiboo - apron $28.75

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