Create Your Own Spring Fashion Plan

The announcement that Spring was officially here threw me into a fashion frenzy. I promised myself that this season would be different than previous Spring's . I would attack this time around with a fashion plan. Long gone are the days of impulse buying, and making purchases just because "it was on sale". We all know that you never save money, no matter how cheap, if that new bargain just sits in your closet. I truly believe that many of us Americans believe, more is better. I am not sure if my newer change of attitude is due to the many long distant moves, the economy, or a mixture of both, but I'm a new woman. Less is now "more".
I had great fun virtually shopping. My plan was to find pieces that would not only hold up to the test of time, but were also under my targeted goal of $100.

Most pieces come from the tried and true - J Crew. Check out fellow blogger, Leigh, at website j.crewaholics.com. This is hugely creative blog that fills you in on everything J Crew. I find a lot of J Crew pieces on ebay, especially jewelry. Leigh's site even has a tab with all the current ebay listings. A girl after my own heart.

You will find pieces listed below from Old Navy, Target, and Banana Republic. Clicking on the highlighted words " under $100", will direct you to a the Polyvore link for detailed info on each item. Many of the items from J Crew, & Banana Republic are now on sale. The Polyvore sight may not as of yet been updated with that new price change.
Banana Republics Sale Just Got Better as of 3/26 thru 3/29 online only

Why your at it, play around a bit with the Polyvore sight and create your own Spring/Summer wardrobe before hitting the stores. Print out your "set's" before leaving home to take with and you may save yourself some serious shopping anxiety.

{Now go forth & shop responsibly}
under $100.
under $100. - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

Under $100.
Under $100. - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

Under $100.
Under $100. - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

Under $100.
Under $100. - by dbepete on Polyvore.com


Life With Dogs said...

Oh no, if my wife finds jcrewaholics I'm dead! :)

DesignTies said...

I never quite know when to start wearing spring clothes -- sometimes it feels like it goes right from winter to summer here!!

Thanks for the shopping tips :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Decor To Adore said...

OH I love everything in the J Crew catalog right not. I will check this out.

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

I'm so jealous you have access to all of these great stores! I rarely buy because I have to have family members ship internationally and it's not cheap!

Unknown said...

This is SO cool. And seriously helpful. I had no idea Old Navy and Target had such cute stuff. And that butterfly ring at Banana Republic is adorable!! Me likey!