Pops of New Colour A'La Spring

I'm all about change. With that comes the excuse that spring encourages just that,"new".
The easiest and most cost effective way to brighten our spaces is to introduce new accents. Like so many of us, my search is never further than the red & white bulls-eye in the sky, our steady pal, Target. I apologize now and for all future postings, concerning the frequency of featuring Target items. But, I can't resist two things (well actually three). Great design, good prices and men with accents (hence the Scottish spouse).

{Go Forth & Shop Responsibly}

Kitchen Textiles
Kitchen Textiles - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

Decorator Pillow
Decorator Pillow - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

Decorator Pillows
Decorator Pillows - by dbepete on Polyvore.com

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DesignTies said...

THANK YOU for participating in Earth Day :-) It's a really easy way to stand up against global warming :-)

Love the pink cushion with the white chandelier. It looks like there are actually little crystal-like beads on it -- cool!!! :-)

We don't have target in Canada, but I think our equivalent is HomeSense/Winners. You can get great deals at both stores. The secret is to go often and if you see something you like, grab it right away!!