Motive of Motif

Decorating's sultan of swank - MilesRedd

Alan Campbell 1970's Peacock - blue room in NYC

Friday's are all about fun days. A window to the weekend. The topic for this Friday is what excites you in home design today? I believe I would be correct in saying that for the majority of us, it's all about making our home a fun, cozy place to retreat from the complexities of today's world. A place to feel comforted when so many people are loosing their jobs, and ultimately loosing their cherished homes. Sometimes I can't help but think we too are one step away. Being a one income family with that income depending on the oil industry. The state of the oil business is like so many, bleak and getting bleaker. So, I decided today is all about what makes us feel good. I have always, and now more than ever, been about conserving money, and making your decorating dollars count. As we all know, nothing is cheaper than paint for what a huge impact it makes. I continue to love stripes as a way to add jazz and vibrancy to a space. Stripes seem to never leave favor with designers and design novices. As of recent, I have developed a deep appreciation for the "chevron" pattern (zig- zag). My dining room is begging for a huge chevron rug. Most of all these patterns are exciting and alive.

I hope the pictures spark a bit of inspiration in you today (and a smile), and ultimately help you create that sheltered, restful, fun place, called "home".

Tips to create your own DIY striped walls are here.

Photo credits: Domino Magazine, House Beautiful, Ikea, Country Living, West Elm