Valentines Day brings out the best and the worst of us all. I seriously believe that anxiety starts to run a muck for many of us who run out of romantic, & earth shaking ideas. If you solicited the opinions of a room full of males, you likely would get the vote that Valentines Day does not rate high on the 'favorite day of the year' meter.

My husband is not a huge romantic. If it involves food, well, there you go, enough said. In the vien of our new year, new President, and our new state of the economy, this is my plan.
A Romantic Nite in Honor of President Barak Obama's Favorites:
a.k.a. -Getting My Barak'On
  • One Chia "Obama" Special Edition Pet -Walgreen's $19.99
  • One of President Obama's favorite musicians - Who else but, Frank Sinatra. Opt for Frank's collection of "Greatest Love Songs". CD available at Barnes & Noble. Second op, the cd "Sinatra Love Songs" available 2/12/09 at your local Target . Want to go on step further? While he's not looking, download one of Frank's ringtones on your significant others cellphone.
  • One of President Obama's favorite foods, Chili - May I suggest the Obama Family chili recipe, (compliments of the Huffington Post), "Route 66 Chili" or "Chicken Cashew Chili" both from Epicurious.com.
  • President Obama's favorite beer - Bud Lite
  • One of President Obama's favorite sweets - Fran's Chocolates (from my hometown of Seattle) "Smoked Sea Salt Caramels" in milk chocolate.
  • One of his favorite Movies - Ultimate classic, "Lawrence of Arabia" (also my husbands favorite). Purchase at Barnes & Noble or rent at Blockbuster and more.
  • One of his favorite hobbies - If you play basketball & have a hoop, go for it. If not, second up; the card game of poker. Why not "strip poker" because after all, it is Valentines Day.
  • End the evening with a timely quote from our 44th President's inaugural speech - "Greatness is never a given. It must be earned."
"Go forth & Celebrate", I say

thebottlecapman.com- Bud lite photo
epicurious.com - Chili photo
etonline.com - First Family photo
dvd & cd photos - target.com, barnes & noble.com
chili photo- epicurious.com
box of chocolates photo - Fran's Chocolates.com

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