Fickle Love - Pier One

I am the first to admit, I have a fickle love affair within Pier One Imports. There are times when I leave their store totally uninspired, & others where it was best to leave my wallet in the car. Today was a good day.
Two pros are: 1. Pier 1's sales are good sales. 2. In most cities, there is a Pier 1 on every corner. What you can't find in one, you can hit the roads to track down in the next. Right now they have a sale of up to 75% off, & that was inspiration enough to give it a go. I discovered recently that nothing divulges that state of ones decorating aptitude better than the lens of a camera. I thought I was perfecting my decorating skills.That was until my husband brought out the Nikon to snap some photos, and to my disdain, my newly formed spaces were not ready for any print or blog. As I have said again & again, my biggest hurdles are never living in one home for more than a few years, & two, my paltry budget for design changes. So today when I landed two "Ming Chow" bedside tables for under $50./ea., I was elated. Although the tables are not the color I needed, that is what spray paint is for. I see these in a bright orange for a guest room that is in serious need of a pop of color. Check out the "Pagoda' 4 Tier Shelf, it's big on style for a mere $80. on sale. Classic, stylish sofas for under $600., dining chairs under $100, & who can pass up large foo dogs in a blue or orange? If you can find them, they are a ridiculous $5. Are these pieces worthy of a speeding ticket, I'll let you decide


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My Notting Hill said...

I love those ming chow tables and came so close to buying them - but I have no place for them. Love them though - great buy!