Cheerio to My Beloved Domino

Well, that's it, I am officially depressed. I read today the announcement of the demise of one of my all time favorite glossies, "Domino". Rack that up in the "failure to thrive" category with Blueprint, House and Garden, O at Home, InStyle Home and Vogue Living. Who am I going to draw my crazy inspiration from? Okay, I do adore, Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor (US & UK versions), House Beautiful, but those are mags for dreaming. Domino spoke to my inner middle class. Gave me hope, encouraged realism, & sparked a fire to never give up trying the audacious. I will miss their blogs, "Scrappy Girl Decorates", "The Deal Hunter" , & "Girl About Town", by sassy brit, Rita Konig. Okay, no magazine completes you 100% of the time, but I was hardly ever dissatisfied. So, if I could pass out black arm bands to all you boys & girls out there, in respect to the passing of many of my favorite periodicals, I'd be on every corner today. Let us hope this opens the door for something great to next en grace my mailbox, & be forever stacked in a pile next to my bed. A quote from Domino's website;
"Domino is about the cult of a happy home" My home is no longer as happy.

arm band photo by Ing
WTF image by cinie.wordpress.com

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