Get Your Orla On


I am by far the last one to blog about the coming of designer Orla Kiely's fabulous (limited time) line to Target this month. As initially reported, her collection was to debut in stores Feb.1, 09, but after a mad dash to my local Target to find no'la Orla, the latest scuttlebutt is the 15th is now the release date.

Irish born Kiely, began her design career in the nineties, and worked her magic with the U.K.'s premier shopping establishments of Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, & Harrods. In 2002, she opened her first retail establishments in London & Tokyo. Her line covers fashion, home, stationary, bags & accessories. Her fresh, earthy, retro designs create an instant appeal & is loved worldwide. As a child of the 60's, it reminds me of those simpler, California ranch style home memories.
Ms.Kiely's Target collection includes items such as a printed laundry bag, hanging shoe organizer, totes, tablecloths, cork placemats (loving those), aprons, bowls, plates, canisters, and more, all priced between $2.49 and $21.99. Now to put this fabulous collection into perspective, in one of her boutiques, a coffee cup would snag $22! Thank goodness for Target for making cutting edge design obtainable to the masses. Don't forget, with Target's limited designer lines, these items will fly off the shelves. So the first Target you spot, floor it.

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