Marvelous Mary McDonald

I happily stumbled upon the fabulous blog "Pink Wallpaper" last Dec. So, when I opened the current issue of Domino magazine, I was wowed to see Mary McDonald's (of PW) designs of her Hollywood guesthouse interior spaces. As silly as it may sound, her designs remind of what Christmas felt like as a child. With each page I turned, I held my breath until the sheer genius of the next room unfolded before my eyes. I am all about living in rooms that meld the fun with timeless style. Mary delivers. The kitchen with it's flame stitch wallpaper, I worship. As a constant mover, I never feel totally as ease designing my rooms with free abandon. I need to always keep in mind, resale..damn it! However, her designs breath pure inspiration into my soul and if I could design at will, I would most definitely channel her rebellious, eclectic style. You are on a pedestal in my book Mary, & I hope my readers enjoy your design genius too.

P.S. - Many of our favorite home styling magazines have been placed on the chopping block (i.e. - Home, O at Home, Cottage Living, etc.). I encourage everyone who appreciates a terrific, inspiring, innovative magazine, which appeals to us all (even the monetarily challenged like myself) who covet design, to subscribe to, and give the gift, of a subscription to
DOMINO, today!

domino magazine cover

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