Whim List- Valentines Day 09'

It's Friday, so therefor I am allowing myself to make three wishes. For Valentines Day, I would love the following:

1. Georgetown Cupcake - Cupcake's (Washington D.C.) - Red Velvet, & Chocolate #2, please

2. In the spirit of our new First Family, I nominate a - J Crew Gift Certificate. Any amount is for naught.

3. I am in love with (of all things) beautiful coffee table books (ebay, Amazon). Does this mean I am getting old? I picture myself reaching for a gorgeous book that is elegantly placed on my faux gold bamboo & glass table. A fine playlist of music from my i pod infiltrating the room. A glass of wine in hand as I relax to enjoy each exquisite page, I feel transformed. Even if only for a brief while.
Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images

What's on Your Valentines Whim List?

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