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I have always found January to be the month to feel low. The holiday fun is a past memory & the bills start becoming a reality. But if you have not drained your savings account, I look forward to getting out of my slump with using this "down" time to spruce up my interior spaces. Like any design crazed individual, no room is ever done. They continually evolve. "Hallelujah"

Each January, Target brings to it's stores a fun, hip array of items to jump start you design inspirations, or is it, aspirations? I was immediately drawn to this black stained branch table for under $90. I adore the idea of mixing the rustic with more traditional or modern pieces. Nothing is more "Oh...hum" than a room that everything matches. Too safe. Think outside the box. The Alexander table ($130.) wowed me because not only is it offered in the tradtional black, but I adore the "in the moment" gray.
I was pleasantly surprised to see, amongst all the homey offerings (in-store), wallpaper. Recently I discovered Target on-line, had a huge variety of wallpaper, including one of my favorite lines, Graham & Brown. "Who knew?"
So if anything, I hope a troll down the Home Event aisle of Target you helps you jump start your design ideas for 2009. Hurry they don't last long.

Branch Side Table - BlackAlexander Side Table - Gray
Target's Branch Table - Alexander Table
Wallpaper- Floral Trail Chocolate
Target's wallpaper-floral trail choc. $29.99/dbl rl

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Unknown said...

Wow! Mom, I had no idea Target had that stuff! I can't wait to get my own place so you can come decorate it! It's gonna look so cute!!