dumbwit does exist

Life no longer eludes me, it's fallen square in my lap; a lap that's been enhanced by copious portions of macaroni & cheese pie and chips. Please don't judge.

It's about time I quit running and tell my friends what I've missed the most (besides my family), and that's YOU. Yes of course, I miss my all too many unnecessary trips to Target, anything that has a drive-thru and a Dr. Pepper in a bucket sized cup heaving with ice; o.k., throw in a big 'Fat Burger' while you're at it!  Over the months of not blogging, I've realised the real dumbwit was the one that wanted to write, connect and occasionally get someone to think differently. If it was a good day, I'd make you laugh. There has been a fear of writing again. A big fear of no one out there because I've been silent for too long.  

In all honesty, I'm trying to find my place & I'll say it out loud, "at times I feel lost." New country, new job, new home, new time zone. 'Pants' are panties, pants are actually 'breeks'. 'Pushchairs' are for babies not old folks, a 'burn' (actually spelled bairn) isn't something you get when playing with fire, but a baby, and a 'tosser', well all I can say it's not someone who throws something.

One of many personal faults I have is that the reality of life does not always imitate the fantasy, and every now and again, my expectations fall flat on their face. I moved with my eyes wide-open and I knew that life in the U.K. would be far different that I even imagined. The balance is knowing how to corral those frustrations and appreciate all that is positive. To not let all the differences you think to be 'not fair' swallow you up. 

I'd like to think I'm far from being a prima donna, and if I'm wrong please step forward now and set me straight. You do learn quickly what you thought was a basic necessity, is now a privilege; but you also learn that what you thought you needed, wasn't that important after-all. I do know it's good to shake up your life. Even the bad times are positive if you wake-up to realise that something was learned. 

At work, I understand a fraction of what certain people on the phone are saying, and I am the token American at my small office.  I've been fortunate though to be able to fit in, and although my work mates have a good laugh at my expense from time to time, (that's how I found out what the word 'tosser' stood for), they've been my safety net and above all my friends.

A few weeks ago, we sealed the deal and are now home-owners to a double-upper flat.  Buying a home in Scotland is definitely a different cup of tea. We've traded in the Texas sized pool for a shared garden with a puddle, laundry room for a washer in the attic,  large American dryer for a shared clothes line in the garden, & a bathroom the size of a pantry.  I realized that either I was too big or the bathroom was too small when I climbed out of the tub one morning, only to back my backside into the hot, sizzling radiator. Who needs coffee after that wake-up call?

What I don't have to tell you is Scotland is a land of drink. Think Las Vegas without the flashing lights and the heat, but with the primped and well-dressed crowds of the young, and not so young, out for a binger.  When women go out here, it's not in their jeans and t's, but in sky-high heels and short dresses. I give huge kudos to those woman that after a few cocktails can remain up-right on their 5" heels navigating the cobbled streets of Aberdeen. Orthopedists must do a bang-up business here?

After living on the West Coast, the healthy life-style had sunk into me me more than I realised. I quickly noticed that you rarely see anyone toting around bottled water, but you do see plenty of Starbucks cups. Cakes and sweets are not only plentiful, but beautiful. Fish and chips have replaced burgers and fries,  and the fried chicken of the south. Chips (french fries)  are served with lasagne, chips with pizza and chips with your Swedish meatballs at Ikea.  

In Sept. of 2010, the Guardian reported that Great Britain alone consumes 6 billion crisps (potato chips) per year. But all that said, Scotland has the most beautiful food in it's markets, especially Marks & Spencer's. I dare you to stay clear of fruit scones served with clotted cream and raspberry jam, sticky toffee pudding with warm custard, or lemon sole and fresh chips from the fryer. 

As I look back on almost one full year of photos, I don't regret our choices.  I do think with each move I become a better version of myself. I'm more tolerant of others, and more appreciative of the things I have, and the people I love. A better conversationalist, and hopefully slightly more interesting?

It's hard to live here and not be affected by the abundance of beauty every time you leave your front door. The sun is not out often, so when it is, you leap for action. Now it's fully clear to me why the Scots I've known through the years have had a Weather Channel addiction.

As I wade through the next 12 months of the tartan life, I hope to be better adjusted to work and home. I feel like the girl late to the party, and no one to dance with. I feel as though all of you who have become my friend through this life of blogging have been my dance partner. You've danced the waltz with me to get me through the tough times, and the tango to wish me well onto this new adventure. Without being in touch, I feel this great void.

I'm not real sure what direction this blog should take? I'm not clear who this dumbwit is that wears a kilt? What interests you? The world hardly needs another travel blog, design blog, or 

just perhaps what's needed is a whisky expert? 

I know there will be stories to tell as we take our 102 year old flat into this century. 

I do know there will be no DYI when the sun is ooot! (as they say in Aberdoanian).  
Every conversation here starts with a "Hi-ya", and ends with a "Bye for noo". 
Please write me and tell me about

[Go forth and live responsibly}
friendships are immeasurable

photography by dumbwittellher


Belle Inspiration Magazine said...

GOod to see you posting again! You have had quite a year haven't you? Yes, we want to hear more - simply writing about your adventures navigating your new home would be loads of fun. I think you've done brilliantly settling in... believe me the hilarity never ends!
à bientôt,

P.S. Mind the radiator!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Deb:
We cannot possibly convey the frisson of excitement that we felt as your post sprang up from the Google Reader! Welcome, welcome back!!

It seems several lifetimes ago that you made the move to Scotland and, from what you write here, you have similar feelings too. So much has happened, and we for two cannot wait to hear in detail about it all.

You have such an individual voice. The Blogosphere is most definitely richer for your presence. It matters not what the direction, the content or the illustration your blog may have, what matters is you. For you are definitely a one-off and we do so hope that you are back to stay!!

Bye for noo....

My Notting Hill said...

So wonderful to check by blog list to find your new post. Whatever you write about will be welcome and when you do share about Scottish life it will be a treat to vicariously experience it with you!

the paris apartment said...

Hi Deb!
Great to have you back! Your photos are magnificent, they look like postcards, every one!
I'm looking forward to hearing all about your life in Scotland and can't wait to see more eye candy, especially about the markets, food AND flea!
Welcome back and please keep writing for and to and with us!

helen tilston said...

Hello Deb

How lovely to see you back and blogging again. Like Jane and Lance said, you will have us all following your distinct voice with whatever you wish to convey.

Fondest wishes

Helen xx

Renée Finberg said...

oh i am so happy i can read you and see you again,
i hated that old format.
it my my tiny brain spin out of control!!

love that you are back and writing
xoxo hugs 2

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dearest Deb,
How wonderful to see your post and your glorious looking new blog !! You have been missed more than I can say and this post sees you embracing your new life ..... the good and the bad ..... the difficulties and the new encounters. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and show Scotland off to its full glory.
Looking forward to hearing more about life in Aberdeen and so pleased that you and Graham have found a home that is truly yours.
Lots and lots and lots of love and email coming soon. XXXX

James said...

I will enjoy whatever you write, so type away. By the way the photo of you in the shades.....hubba-hubba!( if I may be so bold).

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh my....welcome back....and you are now "across the pond" as they say. Write about anything "that blows up your skirt" as my dear friend always tells me.

You know....the weirdest thing about leaving the states is all of the things that we have here at the drop of a hat....and you have to search for over there.....like Snickers....had a heck of a time finding the in Italy and Greece.....had with drawl, I'll tell you that! lOL



Christy said...

I am SO HAPPY to hear that you're alive and doing well! I would LOVE to hear anything and everything about real life life over there!!!

Hugs, hugs, and MORE hugs, christy

Jules said...

Welcome back..and back to stay I hope though I have kept up with you on FB!!
I think we all need a break now and then as life overwhelms us and we just have to breathe and take it all in at our own pace.
I love your vision of Scotland and your photos! And Deb it doesn't matter what you write about I will be here! Big hugs J xx

Shelley said...

Fun to read about your observations of Scotland. Many were the same as mine about Geordieland. I don't think you should ask what readers are interested in; I think you should write about what you're interested in. (Then again, no one reads my blog...). Nice to hear from you.

Toad said...

I am so happy that you have returned. You've been missed by many. It is so good to hear your voice again.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

So happy to hear from you! Seems like you are able to cure all with humor.
Keep us posted on what you are doing and sharing your life there.
Happy Monday.

SpryOnTheWall said...

Yay! Though I will say I'm happy to have you as a FB friend and have followed your journey and loved every post/status update/photo! I think you should just write about what you are interested in, your journey, your adventures. I love seeing all your pictures and hearing about what you all are doing. I must say your photos are insanely gorgeous! Anything you post we will read and enjoy, because we love you and your point of view! xoxo Jenny

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Looks terrriffic!!!!!!!So do you!
Thanks for the glimpse of your new world!!!!! Miss you! Maryannexxxooo
Welcome Back!!!!!!!!

ELS said...

Found you through the generosity of Toad - i too just crept out of a silent time - and I am enjoying this writing enormously - I'm a Scot, lovely to see thoings through your clever eyes!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are just delicious and how I so sympathize with the acceptance of change; although ours is a bit closer to home, change is just something hard to swallow for a while.

Please continue to post your beautiful photos so we can all enjoy your adventure and know that change is inevitable and comes in all forms and, somehow, we all manage to survive it and come out the other end better for it.

Thanks for sharing

Anne said...

Beautiful photos of our homeland..

Anne said...

Beautiful photos of our homeland..

French Basketeer.com said...

Lookin' fab in your Mac, Dear; bless you for working through the accents and slang and a new job...give it a few years, you will look back and laugh at the early days. Still hoping you can come for a French holiday one day. Sending you my best wishes~

jessica said...

hello, i don't believe i ever left you a comment because i was new to reading and following blogs at the time. however, i did read and enjoy yours and kept checking back to see if you had signed on again. so i am glad to hear that you are back and will enjoy reading your words

Porchlight Interiors said...

So lovely to see you posting again! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in Scotland - in whatever form you choose to present them! Cheers, Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

I am really glad to hear about your adventures. As for reading blogs, I think the ones that capture interest have a bit to do with common interests, gardens, dogs, politics, design, whatever it is.. but if there is no heart in it, they wont be read. Now writing from the heart isnt easy, but I think you know how!

preppyplayer said...

Welcome back. Received the Toad alert and came running!
Glad I did. My sister moved to Germany a few years ago and began blogging. Loved hearing of her life there and of how she coped with the differences and of how she enjoyed her new culture.
I look forward to being a part of your journey.

Decor To Adore said...

Well of course she does. While I love following your escapades on FB I have to admit that I am utterly charmed by your photos and American take on things. Write when you can. I love it.

Lisa Porter said...

We've all been waiting.
Respecting the time you've
needed to settle in,
all the while wishing and hoping
that you would write again.
Just tell us a story
and then another and another.
It will be so good for you,
and for us too!
Deb, it doesn't matter
if you're in Texas or Scotland.
Your voice is the same
because you are you!
And that's why we are all here!
Big hug dear friend, you have
been truly missed.
I love the new look too!!
Love ya,
P.S. Still cannot believe you chatted with Twiggy!

24 Corners said...

Deb!!! Hi-ya from *sunny no rain for 48 days Seattle*! It was such a wonderful surprise to see this post...and most of all YOU, the Scottish air and chips agree with you beautifully, and 'hearing' your voice again is just pure heaven...welcome back!
I've been AWOL for over a month so being able to visit you and your part of the world on my first trip back into blogland is such a treat...I've missed you!
Big hugs for you, Graham, and Buffy T...from Ging & I!!!
xoxo J~

BTW- As usual, your images are amazing...love each and every one! ♥

Unknown said...

I have seen your blog name on many lists and today I read your comment on Vicki Archer's blogpost. Thank you for being honest and brave to come back to writing and sharing your life. I know we Americans romanticize life in the UK (Iknow I do, especially having visited there). The simple life is sometimes a limited life, but we forget that. I am looking forward to reading your future posts. And I would like nothing better than a plain scone with butter and strawberry jam dripping with clotted cream!! So, have a cream tea for me, okay?

Thanks for returning! I will be a one year old blogger this December. I love doing this!

Pamma said...

I am not previously a regular reader, however, I am now! I would love to hear more of your Scotland acclimation. Just spill your experiences. I am sure it will be fascinating.

Renae Moore said...

I have missed YOU so and your wit is exceptional! Just write from your heart and share YOU with us. I cannot believe it's been a year...really? We must get a gang of us together and descend upon Aberdeen! I had seen this post but wanted to have a moment to sit and read. Love you girl!


Jg. for FatScribe said...

hi-ya, ms. DT ...

i like what james said above (ditto!). these are GREAT images for us to drool over. thanks for the quick post, muh-dear.

for noo, i am Jg.

A Perfect Gray said...

well, here you are. so awesome to see you back again. keep it up - whatever direction in which you decide to go! your friend, donna

vicki archer said...

Lovely to see you back on the blog Deb... you have been missed... What a year you have had... Expat life is a strange fellow... the ups and downs are extreme but the rewards are great too...

I believe if you write what interests you, what's on your mind... then there will be no fear... only fast flying fingers... desperate to type down all those thoughts... Don't stay away too long...

Happy weekend... and please.. plan a trip to London... I'd love to meet... :) xv

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I am so happy to see you back! I have missed your posts. I do not care what you write, I just love reading. Although I have kept up with you on Facebook I have often wished you would post again.

I have not lived in Scotland but my brother lived in England for 10 years, he voiced many of the same things that you have.

My cousin has just moved to Aberdeen from Texas...

I personally dream of living in Scotland...but I am sure that I would have a challenging time. Although I have been many times.

Love your new look! Back with a bang and those photos are fabulous!

Take care, Elizabeth

Welcome back!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Glad you are still here. I have just been struggling, with balance. Loved the shots, funny I have a Craignair Inn down the street here in Maine.
I could bike to Balmoral Castle on the western coast of Ireland, just north of Sligo. You have my thoughts wandering again.. yvonne

Tish Jett said...

You're back! You're back!

Fear of writing? I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.

You've been missed.


Julia Christie said...

Dearest Dumwit, :-)
I propose a letter exchange - What do you think? I'd love to write and send you news of the daily life here and absolutely love to hear about your life there, challenges and all.
Maybe others would like to jump in? A round robin post :-)
Nothing perks me up like a letter from a friend!
So if you'd like to receive one from me you can email me your address there and I will send one off post haste!

Oh, and do you get charged duty or taxes or such for packages sent from here?

Much hugs, much love from Anacortes, just a hop skip and a jump from your hometown.


DolceDreams said...

Deb is BACK!!!!!! Oh how I have missed YOU! You don't need a "theme", just anything you fancy writing about is good with me! And I adore hearing about life in Scotland...but NOT about your place here...SO sorry to hear about your tenants, that is terrible! Do you have an agent looking after the place? The nerve of some people, really...
It really is wonderful to read your posts again,

La Petite Gallery said...

Hello again, Debbie, those castles
are wonderful. Dunnottar- that's the one I would love to live in.
Why don't you import DR Pepper. Get the franchise. Wish I were there to share all these new experinces. Bet it is cold as Maine in the winter.. stay warm and make friends. Big hug Yvonne

annechovie said...

Hello Deb,
Whatever you write about is ALWAYS interesting because you are a warm, transparent and lovely person! Great to see what you've been up to and thanks for your sweet comment. Enjoy your weekend and keep up the great work!

red ticking said...

bravo dear friend... soooo happy to see this new post... so much change it is making my head spin but all good and just let go and let God take care of you with all of the ups and downs... He has you there for a reason... He never makes mistakes... we are all here for you...
much love xoxo

columnist said...

How exciting. We left our double upper in Edinburgh 9 years ago, to move to Bangkok. (I'm confused why you have a DU in Edinburgh, but live in Aberdeen?...or have I misunderstood?). Either way Scotland takes a bit of getting used to in my opinion; sadly we never really did, and so returned to the East.

click here said...

Wow. Great places.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I haven't been to half of these places, I had o laugh at your descriotion of Scottish girl son nights out, oh boy, they make my eyes all goggly at times! How do they not freeze?

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh honey, I don't care what you write about, I will read it and enjoy it.
You are going forth and prospering:) you are changing every day, from your travels, your experiences and your mistakes. At least that is what has happened with me/us .. And it is just so lovely for the brain and heart and soul to go somewhere unknown, to meet people so different in some way and learn from them, teach them and bring it back with you.
I used to dream of living in Scotland ( thanks to stories of a grandfather who was from Scotland) .. instead, I admire a man in a kilt and love the Drum Tattoo!
So when the sun is not oot, sit down with your tea and tell us how the day is .. I will be here reading. Besitos. C

Barbara said...

Oh Deb, I have missed you so! I always had faith you'd pick up blogging again, so never took you off my favorites list. :)
Do I care what you write about? Absolutely not. I want to read everything about your new life. What an amazing change you've made and I'm so impressed with how well you are taking it in stride. I'd expect nothing less from you. Tough at times, I know, but your husband has been a huge support no doubt.

Your photos are a delight; I've been to Scotland twice....adored it both times. I am envious of your new adventure in life, but also complacent with my own life. But then, I'm a great deal older and my major life changes are probably over. On the other hand, I'm moving from my apartment on the beach to a house. That's MY big change....packing now (not easy...as you are now well aware)and moving in a month.
Keep posting! I'll be listening.
Big hug to my lovely friend....
Bye for noo.....

La Dolfina said...

So thrilled to see you back and looking so amazing too!!!
It is obvious that you are adored and have been sorely missed!
Your voice is a gift that we have lived without for far too long so please just write anything because it is always good!
Lots of Love,


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Just checking in to see what adventures you have been up to!

HOpe you are having a great week and staying warm.


Rinoplasti said...

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real estate agent calgary said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. Though, I haven't been there, now its like visited the place. For Halloween, I suggest visiting Greyfiars place, it's regarded as a spooky place.

Haven and Home said...

Hi Deb!

Sorry I have been a stranger for so long. With a 14 month old and a crazy work load life has been....busy. Of course, when is it not?

I hope since you wrote this you are continuing to adapt. I am proud of y'all and the risks you have taken. Sometimes the world seems so big and lonely, but really it is small and we are all right here (even if I am a month late to the party).

I don't know what I would like to read about. I love your blog because your personality comes out so much through it. Write about whatever you want, I will read! I would love to see the new flat! I would love to see candid shots from around where you live, just everyday stuff.

Take care!!!


Ingrid Tunheim said...

How nice to hear from you again, and now you are setteled in Aberdeen. Welcome to the wourld of rain and wind. I live in Stavanger Norway, 50 minutes by plane cross the North sea. Norwegians are also adicted ro the weather chanel and weather Apps....

Have a nice week and good luck with your new apartement.

And by the way, is it possible for you to remowe the confirmation of your comments. It is very hard to understand the letters and numbers given.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I hope that you are having a great weekend! I wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful week, I am sure that it is hard to be away during the holidays. I live away from my family and although I see them on major holidays I miss the day to day and weekend fun.

Love all of your facebook images!

Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for comment, hope the Lemon Curd came out good. As for your post, such exciting places to explore. I remember the Queen as a young girl. Love the way she dresses.The Moving truck came and
charged another $200 more. Said they couldn't drive on my paved drive way. They carried everything up a long--drive. Renee has been tossing stuff and unpacking. She works so hard and is such a pleasure to have. Renee sends a hug said she will post next week.
love to you Debbie.

yvonne and Renee XXXXXXXXXX

butik busana muslim murah tanah abang said...

Love love love the bright colours!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Such a sweet Christmas comment Deb and I especially loved how you said it "Martha Stewart on Starbucks", ahhh, I know what you mean and those days are long behind me. I am so happy that you are spending the holidays with your family in North America, how special will that be! Your dad is probably so delighted to prepare a Christmas meal for you (God love him!) and already has all his lists made and would put us all to shame with his preparations.......am I right?
it will be wonderful! Sande xx

Septorinoplasti said...

Excellent post! I like this...Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne Henriques said...

and ...she's back! Yes! Can you here the reverberations Deb? We are all so excited! More please!! I hear and feel every word Deb.. We walk the same path and you are doing just fine. I for one love the travel blogs mixed in with life and based on what I have seen on FB...just keep doing what you are doing and let it all out here. It will help you and others more than you can imagine. Welcome back my friend...you have been missed! BTW..loved this post!
Jeanne xxx

La Petite Gallery said...

Wishing you a fabulous New Year. I want you to know that over the year I live the fantasy of Scotland
because of you. It would be such fun to have a day trip with you.
I love history and have loved Castles from childhood. Renee
and I are waiting for the snow plow so we can go to Church and a movie.. Happy Sunday.. yvonne

red ticking said...

love seeing you again... and all of your adventures...
and cannot wait for so many more to come! happy new year darling friend... xoxoxox

Jennifer said...

Hi Deb! It's nice to see you're posting again! I would love to see pictures and hear about your life in Scotland. I can't even imagine what an adjustment it must have been for you. Glad to see you're back on here! You might not even remember me, I'm the "starving artist" still painting.

La Petite Gallery said...

Debbie, I can understand the Scotts watching the weather channel. Maine is nuts, It was sunny and 50 yesterday and in single digits at night. Now snow-snow snow. That Renee drives about and I expect a call she has skidded into a ditch. She gets MAD at me for the worry. It's not like she was in Florida. I look forward for her to come home.. Talk about culture shock, I have been alone 10 years and we both have to adjust.It's hard to teach a 75 yr old new tricks..Haha.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, or should I say, Ach!... I've missed you. As Scotland is a dream of mine as well, anything you write will be of great interest to me. Of course, it always has been! I've always loved your blog. Just tell us what's going on and allow us all to accompany you on your journey! We're right there with you.

Unknown said...

How lovely to know where you are and what you've been up to! My 10 year old was reading over my shoulder and commented how beautiful everything looked.

You have had a lot of adjustments and so you should be easy on yourself. Just taking a bit leap like moving/working/living in a foreign country is huge.

And as far as where your blog should go...let you life show you. I'm intrigued with your photos and this new view!

Thanks for checking in on my blog and letting me know you're back in Blogland!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Millie said...

Well hello Gorgeous - what fab comments from your many fans! My Pommie boss calls every dodgy person he deals with a Tosser, I just lurrrrve the word! Just enjoy being the token Yank in the office, it will work in your favour my girl.
Millie xx

CaninesCouture said...

Change can be so hard. It takes a long time to adjust, even though media/tv/movies suggest otherwise. Lovely photos! Looks so lush and lovely.


Jules of Canines & Couture

La Petite Gallery said...

Popped in again.
Great post

La Petite Gallery said...

HEY! Deb,
Have you seen the news?
Boston had 2 bombs. 3 dead
68 injured. It was Patriots Day. Awful.

Stay alert, watch people in a crowd, be alert and safe.

Anonymous said...

The picture of one of the castles looks like it says "Fraser". I tried to Google it to find out more about its history but couldn't find anything with that name. Can you identify it for me? Thanks, Ann

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tamara matthews-stephenson said...

love all the travel photographs - makes me want to jump right on a plane once school is out in the end of June. Happy Summer and look forward to reading more travel journals over the dog days of the next season. best wishes, Tamara of Nest by Tamara

Katie said...

Beautiful photos of Scotland! I visited Edinburgh and Inverness several years ago and absolutely loved it! I can't wait to go back someday.

La Petite Gallery said...

Hey Deb, what do you think of this Syrian war stuff? I pray we stay out of it.. Hope all is going well with you. Love yvonne

*Chic Provence* said...

Deb so great to see your post! these pictures are great...and you are only better and better for being oot there!

xoxox bisous


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