I Would Hollywood

Los Angeles-based Intuition boutique owner, Jaye Hersh, has built a niche in the fast-paced, ever-changing fashion business. As a single parent, Hersh founded Intuition as a way to finance her children's education. The profits literally went "into tuition (why oh why didn't I think of that?). Partnering with Target and launching her new line this month; this exclusive accessories collection brings celebrity style at guilt-free prices to a broader audience.

"Target is known for celebrated design at an exceptional value," said Hersh. "Collaborating with Target on a collection has always been a dream of mine. I am thrilled to offer on-trend accessories that won't break the bank to women across the country." I say, amen sister!

This is how I look at it - once or twice a week I am in the trenches fighting my way through a crowded Super Target. With the aisles brimming with little ones screaming, "I want," the lady with the three sizes too small leggings with her cart abandoned in the center isle, while she goes to sample the latest tidbit offered by the sweet gray haired lady demonstrator; I tenderly pick & choose those beloved, almost addicted to, food-stuffs of each tenderly thought of family member. So believe you me if a "Hollywood Intuition" handbag, a pair of "Trish for Capri" sandals, or a "Mossimo" maxi dress accidentally falls into my cart, so be it, I can't be expected to see everything at all times. I am after all, getting older, and the good news - wiser.
Hollywood Intuition

Hollywood Intuition

{go forth & shop responsibly}
who wouldn't Hollywood?

image: thebudgetbabe.com;
research: target.com


Jg. for FatScribe said...

What a cool story ... love names and brands that are rich in subtext. Thanks for sharing.


Magdalena said...

I love this post!! I am wearing my white Miss Trish of Capri sandals as I type this and they are so cute and comfy. I think I only paid around $24.00!!
have a great day

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm afraid that. coming from the U.K. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT !!!!!!! (just kidding) but... I actually do ,sort of, as we have shops like Target that do the same thing, so Hurrah for Jaye Hirsh for bringing the good stuff to the masses. XXXX

The Townhouselady said...

I love this trend of designers wanting to bring their products to the masses. After all, why shouldn't us regular folks be able to afford good design?

Pretty Neat Designs said...

That bag looks amazing!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well Deb we certainly do have 'La Target' here is aussie land, but I don't know these brands above. Though, I could do with some of these handbags you have beautifully displayed! One thing that really irks me over here is the lack of quality linen at a reasonable price. I see what you guys have [online] & think I may succumb to buying os. Have a great day!

Averill said...

I'm such a sucker at Target. I'm completely incapable of NOT swinging by the clothing/accessories department "just to see what's new"....can't wait to check out this new line though!

Oliveaux said...

Gotta love great pieces with guilt-free price tags. I agree Julie - where is our reasonably priced linen and everything else! Ax

Martin said...

Thankss for writing