Pretty & the Practical Monday


Arrangement handicapped? Blunder the blossom bouquet? Floral frogs to the rescue.
This version by Tag Ltd. helps us non-florist types create a pretty, fun bouquet all for the smashing amount of $9. Learn how to make a disposable floral frog here.

Scotch Brite brings you a "greener clean" with it's new line of green kitchen cleaning products.
May I suggest the soap loaded scrubbers that do the work for you. Pre-stuffed with soap and not that industrial slimy soap of yore, The suds are biodegradable and best yet, the scrubbers are made from recycled plastic bottles. Available at retailers nationwide @ $2.50/6

**Please forgive my lack of replies to your much appreciated comments. After a long year of being apart from my family in the Seattle area, I am home for a visit. My mother has been battling cancer since last year & with the graduation of my son from the Univ. of Oregon, this journey has been bitter- sweet. I will try to keep up as much as time allows. I dislike a day that I am missing out my fellow bloggers lovely posts.

{go forth & shop responsibly}
see green & be green


Averill said...

Enjoy your time in OR with your family (and your mom in particular) and, of course, congrats to your son! A college graduation is a great reason to celebrate, indeed.

SpryOnTheWall said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, I know it's especially hard for you being far away. But enjoy your time with your family and your Mom. Tell her to keep fighting the good fight! And congrats to your son!! My youngest brother just graduated last month and jetted off to LA for internships. Safe travels home!

Alicia said...

Healthy wishes to your mom & I'll keep her in my prayers.
A styling trick for arranging. Floral tape a grid on the top of the vase. Changes everything.

Oliveaux said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum and so hard being away. I know you will enjoy your time with her & your family. Love green cleaning! Take care Ax

DesignTies said...

Hey, family comes before everything else!! Your blogger buddies will still be here when you get back from Seattle :-) I've fallen a bit behind on my commenting too, as you can see... getting back into the groove today :-)

So sorry to hear about your mom -- I hope she stays strong and beats this. And congrats to your son on his graduation.

Love the little bud vases :-)

Enjoy you time with your family...

Kelly @ DesignTies