Nordstrom - Theatrics = Prom

It's prom season; that alone strikes fear in parent's across the country. For mom's it's the impending drama; and dad's, for it's abuse of the family budget. I've had the pleasure and displeasure of experiencing as a 'mom', 7 proms, and countless Sadie Hawkins, and tolo's. This prom prep was different.

In my old age, I've gotten a wee bit smarter you see. I dipped into my experience pool and made the suggestion that this time when it came to dress shopping, we utilize the 'personal shopper' from Nordstrom. I worked for 'Nordy's' in the early eighties and I remembered how many people are not aware or disregarded this complementary, not to mention outstanding, service.

Luck of the draw here in Houston, we were assisted by a Southern gentleman by the name of Scottie. For a couple 'West Coast girls' we were fascinated by his charm, kindness, and sense of style. He whipped Ms. Em all around the Special Occasion department, grabbing dresses left and right. He spoke directly to her and I was just there to be a semi-silent, paying participant. Just as it should be. I was offered water, or coffee and sat back and watched the show.
Let me tell you, we were not even in the same galaxy as his best paying customers, but we were treated no different. We had a budget in mind and we both walked away, dress in hand; completely and utterly drama free. It was an epiphany!

Em decided on black. Surprised even me. The coin landed on the practical side of the coin. Classic and simple. In a sea of various colors and patterns on prom day, and although it is Spring, the black looked timeless. Pumped up with an infusion of hip peacock feathers, and unique flowers (baby calla lily) she looked young, not matronly in her black.
One prom down and one to go, it is no doubt bitter sweet.
dress by Laundry


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Averill said...

Your daughter looks gorgeous! I love how her dress doesn't scream "PROM". Definitely something she could take with her to college for assorted formals/dressier parties [do they still have those?].

Sabaleplus said...

que injusticia eh

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Wow! I bet you guys felt like Pretty Woman-minus the whole hooker thing, of course... What a great day to be treated like queens. I bet it was so much fun! I have boys and will still be mush when it comes to prom. Two more years to go here until the first one. I'm not rushing it!


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Ooooh.....sounds like a wonderful mother-daughter shopping day! How lovely that you shared it. Your daughter is breathtaking in her prom dress and beauty. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Emily+Anthony said...

Wha?!!? Nordy's has personal shoppers?! I had no clue! While there isn't a Nordy's near by for hundreds of miles, everyone here shops at Norstrom.com and they have assistants standing by in cyber-space ready to help. So cool! I can't believe how much little Em has grown up! Makes me feel ooooold!! She resembles Kate so much all done up and ready for prom!

C.J. said...

Your daughter is as beautiful as her mother. Love Nordies and their personal shoppers.