Designer Madness?

Messing with your mind Monday - Take a look at this clothing line and before you get to the last grouping, try to guess which established designer is responsible for these pieces?
Clue; she's been on the design scene since the late sixties.

norma kamali

norma kamali

Norma Kamali

norma kamali
norma kamali

Do I shop for clothes at Walmart? The answer was no until I plunked down $15. for a Kamali blouse with a bow tie & nipped at the waist. Let's face it, there are more times than naught that I feel guilty for spending money on myself. There are proms, college text books, vet bills, etc., that come first. The great news is there is no excuse to not look good. Any of these pieces will get you through your week looking stylish, classic and above all, not screaming, "I'm on a budget and I shop at Walmart". No doubt you won't feel guilty for giving them to the charity shop next season.
Would you buy one of these pieces?

{go forth & shop responsibly)
pieces that make you feel good not guilty


Emily+Anthony said...

WOW! I had no idea! I'm going to Wal's on my lunch break now. Thanks for sharing Deb!!

Averill said...

Cute! To be honest, I haven't set foot in a Walmart in years....maybe I should be rethinking my Walmart bias (somehow, Target always seemed the more stylish discount megastore).

Averill said...

{btw, I love all your Polyvore collages! I've always had a lot of trouble with images whiting out...do you have this problem, too?}

from the right bank said...

Oh my God, really? I'm a huge Norma Kamali fan. I've been buying her stuff for Everlast at Nordstrom for the past few years and my mom had a few pieces from back in the day that I stole. I am definitely going to check this out! Thanks for sharing.

my notting hill said...

Wow! - love the blue/white sleeveless shirt.