Grab your wellies, the Dumbwit lands in Scotland

All designs/photos credited to Nicky Haslam of NH Designs 

What is it about us humans that there are those who desire constant change, and those that do not? People that get the 'itch' to move every few years, and those quite content with staying put, roots firmly planted. I suspect there is a small population to whom the gypsy lifestyle might all just boil-down to the insatiable addiction to the searching, planning and executing their next home (Ally of 'From the Right Bank' promptly comes to mind; creating beautiful homes where-ever life takes her).

What colours to use, furniture placement, trends, and the piece de resistance, lighting. All accomplished by heaps of research, and the thrill of the hunt. The true cherry on-top, making it all fall into place to define who you (both) are, and in my case, on a well-tailored budget.

 I very much understand both sides of the coin of how to live ones life.  Is it our experiences as children that map out our course, or is it perhaps the lack of experiences? I'm convinced there is no specific formula, although in my case, a vivid imagination must of been a key element. I was a dreamer, not a planner; one who lived to laugh and never thought of seriousness; planning was for those who were boring, not the incredibly wise people that I later found out they were. 

If I could be two people, two completely opposite people, then life would be ideal. I could be that mom that lives 15 minutes away, with my Sunday pot roast in the oven, and Saturday shopping dates with the girls, and the one son who is mad about the shops. Not thinking about my life-clock ticking and all the adventures out there to be had, and so little time. Not having to miss my family every hour of every day. Would someone such as myself grow old and regret those precious hours missed being so far away from home and loved ones? You hope that your children will live the kind of lives that really calls to them; calls to them, but is executed without pain to those they love.

I can vividly recall a moment in time, when as a child I sat in my Grandparent's Montana basement, and dreamed of what life as an adult would be like? I had decided on that hot summers day, circa 1969, that I would leave high school to live in Europe; work to live and live to wander. Did it happen? Not by a long shot, but those childhood dreams are some of the hardest to fade away, even with time, lots and lots of time.

Moving to a foreign country on a budget is not for the faint of heart. It's not how we laid out our plans, but that's what life planned for us. Our flat, although in a swank neighbourhood, had been a rental to younger professionals who obviously didn't have a notion how to clean. It was the aroma of boys locker room infused upholstered furniture and years of baked on curry in the 'hob' that almost sent me on the next flight anywhere away from Aberdeen.

After my panic attack subsided, I gathered my pride, slapped on the rubber gloves, and I began to scrub; bleach is now my new best friend and good hard work releases anger.  When you think of me living in picturesque Scotland, don't think it's all toffee pudding, warm-custard and champagne. I have no tumble dryer, no dishwasher, no car, and few personal belongings from home. The flip side - I just have to recall the previous 15 months that I bored-to-tears, anyone who'd quite frankly, would listen. You poor souls patiently lifted me up as I droned on about the complexities of selling a home in 2011. It became hard to just look @ myself in a mirror.  Here & now, it is the most unusual of 'occurrences' that make me realise, when I see that face in the mirror, that I'm very fortunate, despite the addition of wrinkles.

I was standing at the bar of the 'Prince of Wales' pub one Friday night ordering a pint, when this friendly fermented elderly fellow asked me, "do you come to this pub often?" I replied that I had just moved to Aberdeen a week ago. He struggled to figure out just where my accent was from, and after determining I was not Canadian, he asked me, "Is America a big city?" His excuse, quite possibly his love of drink, where as the teller @ our local Houston bank asked us if in Scotland do they speak English, and if it was a tropical climate? I smiled at both people and politely answered their questions, although you'd like to really say, "REALLY?" How exciting it is to live in many places; to meet people, and to experience the differences in something as simple as day to day life. We all are truly a like and yet different enough to make life fascinating. 

* I've been out of the blogging world for far too long whilst we moved house to the U.K. I thank sincerely those that have stopped bye to say hello and politely ask what had happened to me. Many thanks to you for reading today. Life has been fast and furious, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to get caught up soon to what is going on in your part of the world.

Have a wonderful weekend and it's good to see you again!

Cheers my Dears x

{go forth and live responsibly}
tomorrow is today

*this weekends plans - The Genesis Oil & Gas Autumn Ball, and Guy Fawke's Night!


SpryOnTheWall said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are getting settled in and hopefully things will calm down a bit. It's strange that you are so far away oh but you are in the wonderful/beautiful UK! I'm still chuckling and shaking my head at the person in Houston who thought Scotland was tropical? or didn't speak English? Oy. The head of the department of textiles - design at NCSU where I went was Scottish (though he married a southern belle and has officially lived in this country longer than he lived in Scotland, but that's neither here nor there). We used to play jokes on him all the time to get him going about Scotland. For example, we would leave boxes of Lucky Charms at his office door, we would ask him where the pot of gold was at the end of the rainbow and go on and on about St. Patrick's day. It used to get him so mad, but secretly we know he LOVED it. He would yell "That's not Scottish, it's Irish!" I think pay back came when my first job involved designing plaids day in and day out. Ha! You take care lady and sending you hugs from the U S of A! xoxo

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Deb:
You made it, you did, you really made it. A new adventure has begun and what fun it is going to be once you see beyond the dreich and the grime!

Life is for living as well as dreaming and you are doing just that. We do so hope that happiness will be wherever you are.

Stanley House, courtesy of NH and rich Russians is a triumph. And what makes it such a success for us is its eclectic mix of patterns, styles, furnishings, tastes etc. etc. We just know that you will bring the same bravura to your own apartment. To the future which is happening right now!!

Splenderosa said...

Oh, my sweet Deb, I'm so happy reading this post. You sound relaxed and witty as you settle into your new life in Aberdeen. I am quite certain the things you mentioned doing without will fade away as being super important as you take up new experiences and live as a native Scotsman. In Houston we've had our 1st cold snap, you know waaaay down into the mid-40's, and today it's one of those lovely sunny crisp days we crave so much. You know I love you, and I am hoping SO MUCH that you join our By Invitation Only Christmas post, 1st Tuesday of December...we NEED you, Deb...xx's

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

So happy to seeing that you are putting down some roots and getting settled in..........before long the people in the pubs will be saying "now there's our girl Deb". Adore Nickiys lavender oom, one of my favorites. Enjoy! Enjoy! Much love XO

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Oh my... how descriptive and true. You are so great!! And, I love the tartan header. And, the NH rooms! Have a great time this weekend. What are you wearing to the Autumn Ball? I'm sure you figured it out. Big hugs! Love, b + b

*Chic Provence* said...

Hi Deb! so glad you are getting settled and looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in Scotland!



Mise said...

Welcome to Scotland, Deb! I'm ever so pleased to see that you made it. That shows you are a person of intent and staunch plans, and, look, that you've made it to Europe after all these years. I hope the fun and excitement catches up with you once the smell of bleach fades. Well done, my dear!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Yay Deb.....I know that you are here and have been cleaning as if your life depended on it but, I hope that you are having a great time in Aberdeen. I knew that it would all work out in the end. Despite losing some of your home comforts, I'm sure that you are going to enjoy this great new adventure.
Hope that you manage to get to go to a Guy Fawkes party and I look forward to hearing how the Ball goes.
Much love to you Deb and wishing you and Graham many, many happy times in Scotland..... and, it's lovely to see you back in the world of blogging. I told you that everyone will have missed you. XXXX

quintessence said...

And we are all charmed as the Dumbwit lands in Scotland - even speaking of such mundane things as rubber gloves and bleach your wit shines through!! So looking forward to your reports from the land of tartan!! Cheers!

French Basketeer.com said...

Hip Hip Hooray~ you are there and settling in!

The enchanted home said...

Congratulations......those rooms truly took my breath away. I look foward to hearing more about your adventures there.

Jeanne Henriques said...

Deb...every word resonates and I enjoyed them all. Congratualtions on getting yourself to Scotland and 'carrying on'...it sounds like you are keeping calm.:)
These little stories are the ones you will remember most..the quirky ones. Keep them coming, they make for great reading!

Best wishes Deb for a lovely weekend, keep dry!

Jeanne :)x

Splendid Sass said...

It sounds like a wonderful life to me! I wouldn't mind being in Aberdeen. It certainly is a different culture in each country!
I was a little worried, but knew that you had told me that your home was for sale, and I know how that can be. I am happy to learn that you are settled. Keep us posted on the life abroad:).

Concrete Jungle said...

Congratulations on a new adventure,it is going to be wonderful! Don't eat too much toffee pudding.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you've landed and haven't given up on the blog world. I keep wishing that there had been such an active design blog community when I lived in Australia and Norway some 15 years ago. It would've been so nice to keep in touch with the goings on of my industry. Sounds like you've got a great adventure ahead. Enjoy every minute! Glad you're back!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Whoooo Hooooooo Lassie!!!!!!!Great first post from Aberdeen!!!!!!!Hey should I get you some golf clubs for xmas?????????xxxoooooo!!!!!Maryanne

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Cheers Indeed! I have always experienced these dichotomies - Carmelite nun - or Misia Sert one or the other. I am glad you are back and waving the tartan. pgt

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, you are in the land that owns my heart. Tumble dryer or not. Rent a car and drive over to the Highlands. Breathe the air for me.

So excited for you. Life is about change, isn't it? And what an adventure you are on! Keep us posted frequently. I am so excited to hear all!

Renae Moore said...


I am sure your flat is sparkling by now and you will make it 'homey'. It is truly a blessing to be able to travel and see and experience new and different things.

I pray the Lord brings you a very special girlfriend!

Cheers...glad you are back!


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Aberdeen, my hometown! If you think the 'prince of wales' was interesting, get yourself down to 'the grill' or 'the short mile' for a pint!

Shelley said...

Gosh! You really did it! Look forward to hearing about your experiences. I can tell you that over the years you'll hear the same questions from the locals (I practically made a recording for those 5.30 am taxi journeys to catch the train to London for work). Can't say I've seen Aberdeen...Dundee may be the closest I've come. Let us know all about your new home!

Travel With Lulu said...

Welcome to the island!! Such a long trip to get here with so much to do - but you did it!! Can't wait to hear about your new chapter in Scotland :)XOL

La Dolfina said...

You're gone?
Where have I been?
Did you sell your house?
Are you living your dream?
Really Wow!!!!!!!!!
Good for you
You can't keep a good woman down :)
So good to have you back in Blogland where you belong.

helen tilston said...

Hello Deb
I had been thinking of you lately and was so thrilled to see you comment on 24 Corners, so I followed you, in my tartan, to Aberdeen. Congratulations on making your dream come true.
I am delighted for you and know you will bring joy to all who meet you.
Let the adventures begin.
Helen xx

vicki archer said...

Glad you are back... and closer to my part of the world... Let me know when London beckons....xv

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooooh sooooo LOVELY!!!

Linda said...

Welcome to Aberdeen! I was at university there, and loved every minute of my time in that sparkling northern city.

'In Aberdeen through years of splendour,
You may ride mailed in gold and green.
Ironic folk to Youth are tender,
In Aberdeen.'
Rachel Annand Taylor

DolceDreams said...

I just found out where to see the posts under the mosaic, silly moi! Yes it is such an intriguing thought to live in Europe, but once there all of these luxuries that we take for granted in America become vividly apparent....You will clean, adjust, and we will be here to await the wondrous tales you will tell!
xo, Nathalie

Millie said...

I want to get on the first plane to Aberdeen, lob at your front door, barge right in, plonk myself down at your kitchen table & open a bottle of something 'interesting' with you immediately Deb. Everything you have said is so true, life is full of surprises just around the corner & it's not really the hows or whys that matter so much as what you do with those situations. You are with your Darling that's all that matters. And old Aberdeen doesn't know what its in for now that Deb's arrived in town - woo hoo!
Millie xx

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Dearest Deb, I've been out of the blogging world for quite a long time, but am finally back, and sad to see that you too are on hiatus. Would love to read an update from you. I hope that life is treating you well. I know that you had difficult decisions to make over the past couple of years, huge life changes, and you must miss your family terribly. Hugs to you :-) XO, Marsi

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DolceDreams said...

Happy Weekend Deb! Thanks for the visit :)

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