As God Decreed Soe Wee Agreed

If I were a waging woman, I would have rang up a bookie & put a ‘fiver’ on the Mr. & me standing, right about now, on English soil. The British Jack waving above our heads and a seat on a double-decker bus snapping enough shots to drive my facebook friends to de-friend me by Saturday. The royal wedding seemed months away, and now it is almost before us. 

 This is exactly why this gal is not the betting type as I am grounded as if I wearing cement Easter shoes, the patient leather type preferably. 
I’ll say it out loud, I’m a non-recovering Anglophile. This Brit wanna-be had her sights set on catching a glimpse of Catherine and William from the steps under the Duke of York's statue at Carlton House Terrace. I would have cheered and waved like the most loyal of royal watchers and most certainly would have shed a few tears over this historic event. 

I had the perfect wedding gift to drop off at the palace steps. Yes I know that Kate & Wills were wanting donations to their favorite charities but I knew that they would want what I had painstakingly chosen for their new home together.

 Alas the only pomp & circumstance for me on this epic day may be the firing up of my Dyson, waving my duster and after, sitting down to tea and toast. The Scottish husband has zero desire to be up at 3 a.m. to catch the pageantry unfurl before him. He refuses to grasp why a person cannot tape the wedding of the century to watch later in a more human hour. Pahleeezzzz are you kidding me? This coming from a man with a British passport.

So there is my story; a land-locked Colonial who will do her best to maintain the traditional stiff upper lip the people of Great Britain are famous for. As I watch each incredible moment when William takes Catherine Middleton for his lawfully wedded wife, I will be cherishing how Kate and I have profound similarities from the day we said our   'I do's'

will have a processional route.

We had a processional, but the town folk  thought the local bar had just closed for the night.


will have the Duchess of Cornwall (Will's step-mother) in attendance.

Our best man met the Duchess (& her wee pup) whilst walking the
grounds surrounding Balmoral Castle.

will have dignitaries and celebrities attending their nuptials.

We had an ex-L.A. Raider & my Aunt Cynthia.

will have an air show of three aircraft from the RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - a Lancaster, a Spitfire and a Hurricane - will be followed by two Typhoons and two Tornado GR4s in box formation fly above the processional.

We had a hot hair balloon float bye from the local Snohomish airport.

are forgoing cutting the traditional wedding cake which will actually be a 'fruit cake'. 

We did not cut a cake either and my ex is a fruit cake.

will have a grand reception at Buckingham Palace.

We had a reception in an old music building however we had a disco ball.

will have people dancing in the streets.

We had my Uncle Charles cutting a rug.

will have the very finest of champagne to celebrate their union.

We served 'two-buck-chuck' from Trader Joe's; but it was a very good year.

I married my Prince

and Catherine will too.

Wishing you a royal Friday!

Cheers my dears


{go forth and live responsibly}
Let the Lord above send peace and love

image credits; onewed.com,123rf.com, behindblondiepark.com, valdimarputin.su, photoblog600,  reuters.com, msnbc.com,


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

So cute! Can't wait for the wedding either!
Getting my very own tea party ready.

William Arthur Blog Team said...

We loved this!! Cheers to you Mrs. DT ; )

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Deb:
What a right Royal tribute!

Witty, cleverly presented and stylish. Everything we have already, in our short time of knowing you, come to expect. And if Catherine[as she now seems to have become] looks anything as elegant as you did on your wedding day then her designer will have done a decent job.

Enjoy the day!!

As for us, we shall be washing our hair!

Splenderosa said...

You blow me away with your wit! This is so very cute, precious, witty and wonderful. Come see my Royal Wedding attire. Need your approval. Love you!

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful. now I find myself wishing I was the lucky bride of the prince just so I could get one of those pillows! donna

Flutter said...

Deb!! Hysterical and wonderful, just like you! Your wedding was so beautiful!! I remember that day :) I was excited for my bff maid of honor! I will be up at the crack gawking at Kate's dress from my cozy bed. Can't wait!!!

quintessence said...

Ok Deb - you had me literally laughing out loud by myself in my office - and let me tell you, that is a rare occurrence that was much needed on this insanely busy rainy day!! So glad you traded in the fruit cake for a total dish!! ;-)

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Deb, You are THE best!! And, a disco ball, too! Just great. ox ; )

Mise said...

Oh wonderful, wonderful Deb! The best royal wedding post so far by a long shot. I sure wish I could be at a rerun of your disco ball day. I love your photos, and that fine Scotsman of yours.

Barbara said...

How adorable is this post, Deb?!!
Such fun fotos and commentary.
(Love the fruit cake comment.)
I know people who are having a party for this event...don't know them well enough to be invited though. :(

You are such a fun blogger buddy!!
Enjoy tomorrow...I know you will.

James said...

Very amusing. I really like the photos of your wedding.It's so great you have your prince and know it!

Renae Moore said...

Oh Deb,
I laughed out loud reading your post. You are one witty girl...you DID get your prince! xo
I wish we could enjoy the nuptials over a spot of tea with some scones and clotted cream!

I Dream Of said...

Cheers Deb! Your post had me snorting with laughter, and I so wish that I was standing on a London street with you right now! I will be raising a toast to you as well as to the happy couple at 3 am (while my husband snores away). Here's to Anglophiles! Here's to Royal Weddings! XX Jeanne

Porchlight Interiors said...

I just can't wait! Thankfully it starts at 8pm here so we will be having bubbly and scones and watching from start to finish! Enjoy! Tracey xx

Jg. for FatScribe said...

deb ... that was awesome. you two are meant for each other. i love the procession, and those photos of you and your family on your nuptial day are just delightful. (love the comment about the ex, too!)


24 Corners said...

My cheeks are so sore...fabulous post! Who knew you and the royals had so much in common??!! I wonder if the Royal Charles can cut a rug as well as your Uncle...we shall know soon enough!
At least you have your Princes accent to keep you in an anlo-ish atmosphere everyday...and you know, one day you WILL be across the pond, and one day Prince Harry will be needing a wedding...so there's still hope!
Big Royal Hugs...

lisa golightly said...

Like it was said this morning, All weddings are royal weddings. Yours was nothing short of Kate and William's. What unique amazing memories for you ( complete with KILTS ! ) Beautiful post !!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Well, that's a good smile on the Queen herself. They make a beautiful couple, God beless them.


Unknown said...

OMG daaaaaahling, William and Kate are going to be crying when they see what a tasteful gift they've lost out on!
Awesome post :D, gave me a good laugh.
*kisses* HH
p.s. you are invited to my wedding if i ever get remarried LOL, i want a new wedding dress just for the hell of it now

DolceDreams said...

Oh how I love stopping by to visit you! I always leave with a huge smile and that much wiser...LOVE your wedding shots, it looks like a good time was had by all :)
Have a great weekend,

p.s. love your gift of choice! And I think they would too!

Ricardo Miñana said...

Un placer pasar por tu blog, si te
gusta la poesía te invito al mio,
que tengas un feliz fin de semana.

Renée Finberg said...

what a super fun post.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Such a FUN post,Deb!
it's a good thing that you traded the fruit cake?!


C.J. said...

Hi deb, loved your post. I am getting closer to Puget Sound every day, lol soon as I sell my house. Did yours sell? love you girl

Marie Söderberg said...

oh what a Cute picture of the Queen :))and what a day yesterday was..a day always to remember..lovely /Marie

Haven and Home said...

Oh Deb, I swear you have the best posts. They make me laugh and cry. I could just picture you there in London! It was such a beautiful day, I watched in the morning and then again last night with girlfriends. I hope you had a fabulous wedding watching day as well.



Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I woke up way before time to wake up and rushed to turn on the TV, hadn't really planned to, but I just couldn't resist. Okay, she looked beyond happy, wonderful, but the hats...oh my, what fabulous entertainment!

Oliveaux said...

So much fun....a beautiful wedding....Cheers! Ax

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Two buck chuck...and a kilt will get me every time!!

Hear hear!!

The enchanted home said...

I have never ever fancied Camilla a pretty lady, but might I say that might be the best picture I have ever seen of her, and gasp! she is smiling....dare I say laughing!! And red becomes her!!

Dovecote Decor said...

You married the most handsome butterscotch imaginable. Your dress was gorgeous too.
Keep Calm
and marry
a Prince!

Travel With Lulu said...

Very funny, and masterfully intertwined. Love those pillows and that photo of the queen :)

Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

SpryOnTheWall said...

LOVE this post!!!! oxox

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from Post of The Month Club, an amusing take on The royal Wedding :)

Shelley said...

Brilliantly drawn parallels. Love the photo of the Queen not only smiling, but actually looking happy... Bless her. It was a really happy day here in England - the Brits seems really proud to be British and I was pleased for them!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the wedding just lovely?! I think Kate is so classic and beautiful!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
E + J

Unknown said...

I seriously loved and have relived every royal moment of this fabulous event!

I think Will and Kate are so truly made for each other, this was a delight and a highlight to observe!!!

Hope your week is going well!
xo Elizabeth

vicki archer said...

So fun Deb....xv

Francine Gardner said...

Such a fun post, love the Queen pictures.I admit I did watch part of the wedding and started to reminisce on my own wedding day, centuries ago...

La Dolfina said...

You are so wonderfully clever!!
I adore your wedding photos :)
There is no one like you!
I love you!!!

Pigtown*Design said...

you are so hilarious! nearly spit my cocktail out!


Lisa Porter said...

Well of course I'm late!!!
And usually a dollar short too.
But I would have given anything to have watched with you! You are more fun than lot's of stuff! Second time around is better....too.
Miss you Missy. Company and finals had me dizzy. Now I can relax and get back to blogging, gardening, and cocktails on the deck!
Love ya.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Loved this. And loved that you married a kilt wearing man!! Lucky girl!

My husband and I watched it all on my laptop under the covers during my holiday in LA. Much earlier there!! It was just enchanting, wasn't it?!

And you were correct! I did meet with Lisa BG whilst there!! We had a complete ball! Felt like we'd known each other for years!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I LOVED getting a glimpse of your special day! Looks like your Uncle Charles has some serious moves!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

You R Simply Blog Royalty to me! I loved this. Old news, but this post was new to me. Sorry so long since my last visit!! Every celebration needs an Uncle Charles who can tear up a rug!! LOL :D XO, Kelly

Averill said...


(And I'm a nonrecovering Anglophile too! My sister took the day off and joined me for scones and coffee (from Fortnum & Mason!) while we watched and kibbitzed!)

Beadboard UpCountry said...

THAT! was the cutest thing I ever saw!!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

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