A Single (Hot) Man

a I'm a Sucker for Tom Ford, Colin, Julianne and a Romantic Movie -
Gay, No Mind.

“A Single Man,” described as a quieter, more luscious “Brokeback Mountain".
roduction designer for A Single Man is non other than Mad Mens PD for the last three seasons, also set in the mid-60's.

Professor George Falconer (Firth) spends a day in 1962 Los Angeles figuring out if and why life is worth living. George learns early on in the movie that his partner of 16 years, Jim (Matthew Goode) has died in a car accident. Unable to imagine a future without Jim, George makes detailed arrangements to end his own life--from emptying his safety deposit box to laying out the cuff links in which he wishes to be buried.

The story of an isolated man filled with pain and self-loathing allows Ford to surround his lead character in a constant explosion of sound and colour. At times the film resembles a music or art video with beautiful shots of figures swimming and close-ups of the actors' stunning features dominating the screen for long stretches. -Richard James/inthenews.co.uk

A Single Man is being called the rebirth of Colin Firth - what critics agree is a striking performance by the British actor.

The news of Jim's death arrives over a phone call from someone Ford all but admitted was voiced by Jon Hamm in a winking nod to his 1960s alter ego, Don Draper.

Gin drinking, one-time flame, and oldest friend Charley ( Julianne Moore), is a 48 year old beauty who is wrestling with her own questions about the future.

Tom Ford speaks about how women will relate to Julianne
Moore’s role in the film

“This is something that women can relate to. No one ever talks about female mid-life crisis in our culture. Women today (our film is based in the early ’60s), a beautiful woman is one of the most powerful things. They learn to move through society by the way we objectify them…and then…all of sudden… at a certain age…it’s just pulled from under them. And what do they do? They’ve played the game and they’ve done everything that our culture tells them that they’re supposed to do.”

Ford is more optimistic audiences will embrace his Hollywood love story, even though some of his friends still get stuck on the gay in his personal romance.

"The set designs and character's clothing are as stunning as you'd imagine from the man who revived Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent", states inthenews.uk.com movie reviewer Richard James. "If there is to be any criticism of A Single Man it's that at times Ford becomes a little too focused on all that is beautiful, playing it in slow motion with repetitive strings playing in the background."

"However, Ford arrives at a beautifully tragic ending and any frustration at the film's pace is soon forgotten, unlike the film's score which is truly haunting and will stay with you for days after", says James.

Colin Firth is superb as George, the gay English professor failing to get over the death of his boyfriend Jim (Matthew Goode). He exudes loneliness and the simplest of facial flickers or downward casting of his eyes displays a thousand emotions.

Firth attributed his new found interest in the gym to the image-conscious exhortations of Tom Ford. "He told me I looked good, but I'd look better if I had a personal trainer," Mr. Firth explained.
Perhaps the conversation went a bit differently. "I told him he was fat," Mr. Ford recalled later.

"Everyone Knew he could put together a glossy package, but a Single Man showed the world that Tom Ford had a soul, and wasn't afraid to bare it" -
V Magazine

In 2006 Ford purchased the rights to Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel A Single Man. He started splicing in vignettes from his own life with longtime partner Richard Buckley. One flashback scene of quotidian bliss shows George and Jim lying on the sofa reading books (Metamorphosis and Breakfast at Tiffany's, respectively) and arguing over who will get up to change the record and who will walk the dogs.

"To this day, occasionally I'll have a friend who will say something about my 'lifestyle,'" he said. "My lifestyle? I live with somebody I love. We've been together 23 years. We make dinner, we have arguments, he has to walk the dog, we go on vacation. It was important to depict that. "Love is love."

So, is Tom Ford a new Hollywood golden boy?" writes Borys Musielak of filmmaster.com. "It's certainly quite an achievement to simply step into the film business as the screenwriter, director and producer at the same time and create a thoughtful and engaging movie that is being talked about. We're yet to see if it is going to attract wider audience, but my wild guess is that it will be a success".

Now I am going to be shallow -

Of course this is one of my fab 50's gal-pals, Lady Madona, at the N.Y. Premier of 'The Single Man'. Is it part of my holiday delusion, or is Ms. M looking Debbie Harry'ish? I mean, I'm not sporting a line-free, puff free face either; just thought I'd throw that out there for a Friday debate.

{go forth & live responsibly}
celebrate love

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

Great post ... terrific stuff from Ford (question: is a straight man allowed to have all of that talent?). Mssrs. Firth and Goode are terrific actors. Look forward to seeing this one. -Jg.

Christy said...

Well you've totally sold me - I now need to see this movie, pronto. Fabulous post, as usual. Yours is one of my all-time favorite blogs, missy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and are really getting into the holiday spirit. Go buy yourself a bottle of prosecco at the liquor store, and drink it, for me, please. I miss it.

Jaime Rogers said...

Sooooo excited to see this film, the set and costume design are guaranteed to be fierce! Additionally, it has gotten rave reviews. Btw, FatScribe, Tom Ford is so not straight;)


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I'm literally trying to squeeze a viewing into my calendar because I CANNOT wait to see this! Tom Ford is a genius and everything he touches turns fabulous!

Brabourne Farm said...

Thank you for this fabulous review - it's on my must-see list for summer. You're right about Madonna - I thought it was Debra Harry and had to look a second time when I read who it was. Enjoy your weekend. Leigh

caroline duke said...

1. i cannot wait for this.
2. total debbie harry... i thought that was who it was!

The Townhouselady said...

I LURVE Colin Firth and Julianne Moore looks spectacular as always. I can not wait to see this!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Those are unusual photos of Madonna, and Julianne...well what can you say except Fabulous. This is something I must see...who knew, Tom Ford in film?! More fabulousness.

Julie said...

I've GOT to see that!!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am very intrigued by this movie. Love the actors and Who knew Tom Ford could direct!!??? And Madonna??? Way, way too much plastic surgery. Cheek implants....ick.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Deb (and Doxahome.com) -- Totally aware of Tom Ford's sexual orientation; my sarcasm re: the multi-talented, multi-hyphenate Mr. Ford having too much talent (and yes, i'll admit it, good looks) was obviously waaay to subtle.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Brilliant review Deb....cetainly makes me want to see the film.I will await for it to a town near me !! I love all of the actors in it...... as for Madonna, ....getting a bit too big for her boots.... and I agree with Pamela, too much pumping up of the cheeks !!
Lots of love Deb, XXXX

La Petite Gallery said...

Colin is my choice.
Not because I have a darling
cousin in Ireland called Colin.

Have to get that movie..
Great stuff good reading.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh this film looks visually stunning and by the sounds perfectly acted as well...A must see for sure. It's looking like Tom Ford is just mega talented in lots of areas.

Ummm Madonna, just way to much work, I liked her better before the makeover.I luuvvv Debbie Harry.

Happy weekend honey,

Averill said...

This film looks fabulous -- I adore Colin Firth (and Tom Ford and Julianne Moore come to think of it...) and I can't wait to see him in this movie. Hopefully it'll be the start of pulling him out of playing the dad in cheesy preteen movies and back into leading male roles (where he belongs!).

And Madge has definitely had some fillers/collagen...she looks so puffy!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Deb
Well I'm always up for a movie that is treat to the eyes and this one looks stunning from the tidbits you have shown us. A good story and fabulous actors is the icing on the cake. How gorgeous does Julianne Moore look in this movie? [channeling Faye Dunaway?]

Now... Ms M. I agree on all counts. Very Debbie Harry'ish and the first thing that struck me on seeing this, was she finally seems to be aging like the rest of us.

Well probably will have to wait eons to see the movie here but looks like it will be worth the wait.

Have a great week Deb.. soon I will be back to the land of the living and keeping up with all of you.. xxx Julie

La Dolfina said...

Can't wait for this one!!

vicki archer said...

I can't wait to see this movie...xv

girl world decor said...

great post. 2 long 2 steal, but i'm adding a link 2 it.

Francine Gardner said...

i had no idea that Tom Ford went into producing...such multi talent. Juliana moore is one of my favorite actress, not only is she beautiful even by Hollywood standard, but she also seems real, not afraid of her years... Thank you for bringing this movie, I cannot wait to see it...and thank you for your kind words...

Beth Connolly said...

Can't wait to see it-not in DC yet. Madge has been creeping me out for a while with those scary arms and veins.

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post!
Gotta see this one!


Mrs. Blandings said...

Great post - love Ford's insight into the middle-aged woman.

MFAMB said...

i have to admit i did not READ this post but i did look at the pics. i am dying to see this movie and i don't want to know anything about it. i am crazy that way. but i will report back when i do see it.
colin firth's rebirth of girth.

Renée Finberg said...

first of all i have to see it.
it is set in the 1960's.
*i am fascinated with the era.

great music, slow & detailed.....i want to go see it now. right now.


SpryOnTheWall said...

Now I HAVE to see this movie! FABULOUS post (as usual) you are awesome! I love Julianne Moore, I remember when she was on As The World Turns playing twins, yes I do :o) Hugs!

escapade said...

This looks interesting and a little twisted - so curious to see it, can't wait!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I must see that now! And Julianne Moore. WOW. Can I get some of those genes?

Anthony said...

The photos and descriptions of this flick sure do make it sound WONDERFUL!

I'm a bit frustrated that I couldn't play the trailer, but that's probably not your fault.
I really DIG the '60s, and Julianne looks terrific! I don't think I've ever seen Colin Firth in anything before, so I don't really have an opinion on him. That was pretty HARSH how Tom Ford told Colin he was fat! I guess that's just Hollywood for ya... At least, Mr. Firth seems to be a good sport about it.

Regarding your bit of shallowness, yes, Madonna is looking MAJORLY puffy! In fact, I don't think I've seen anyone looking quite like THAT since the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in 'Ghostbusters'. ;)

JennyMac said...

I read about this in Time. It looks like a must see movie. and Tom Ford is incredibly hot.

Janet said...

Julianne Moore looks great, that's the way to age. And for Madonna, one way or another it's (age) gonna get 'cha, get 'cha, get 'cha, get 'cha... Collagen filled puffy face or wrinkles, is one really better than the other.

court. said...

very excited for this movie! great post :)

Kitty said...

1. I didn't even recognize Firth at first! 2. When a movie is made about my life, I want Julianne Moore to play me!

Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

Oooh - this looks really good! I'm excited to see it now. I love anything set in the 50's/60's ala Mad Men - thank you! xoxo

court. said...

Had to log on and comment; Tom Ford is giving an interview on Fresh Air on NPR and it's striking how much thought he put into this film. He is walking through the throught process for his character development, the questions he's asking himself, and the details he's making for each. I'm absolutely surprised and regret assuming he was just 'some fashion designer.'

Barbara said...

Love your post! As usual.
Never went through a mid-life crisis but know women who did. Don't you think Julianne looks great? (I think women with freckles age better.)
Now I know you love Colin. I have only seen him in a couple movies and really have no opinion- I'm kind of neutral about him. I would not have recognized him in glasses though. Guess I'll have to see this movie!

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

I must see this film now. Thanks for a great post.

Happy Holidays,
Fabulous Finds Gal

Bunny, The Paris House Designs said...

Hi Deb!! I can't wait to see this movie I have read so many great things about it, yours being my favorite. I love J. Moore, wow she is stunning. As for Madonna, I love her, but what the heck is up with her face??? Way too much filler.
Have a lovely evening

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I must-must-MUST watched this!
I met Tom Ford at the airport once...he was very sweet & shy! And of course he had his shirt unbuttoned & showing off his chest hair!

Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

FABULOUS POST, Julianne Moore looks to beautiful! I hope Im as half as gorgeous as her when i get to her age. I am always inspired by older beautiful women!


Chicago Chic said...

This looks amazing, thanks for the post...I want to see it! Also I agree with the statement about women in society, it's sad.

Porchlight Interiors said...

Great post! Certainly looking forward to seeing this movie! Tracey xx

Haute World said...

I can't wait to see this... love Tom Ford and Mr. Firth. In fact, I almost didn't recognize Colin in some of these shots... amazing! Ford's quote on women's mid-life crisis is so accurate... it will be interesting to see Julianne in this as well....

lisa golightly said...

Julianne has never looked more beautiful. Thank you telling us about The Single Man ... I never knew ! Madonna is most definitely looking "filled". Still love her tho ! Hope you are feeling better Miss Fabulous. xoxo lisa

Kitty said...

Deb, had to chime in again to tell you I gave you a shout-out on Cabbages this evening. Hope you're doing well! Toddles, kitty.

*Chic Provence* said...

WHERE is photoshop when you need it?? Poor Madonna, she looks just like one of...US!! thanks for great post I just discovered your brilliant blog and am following now!!

The movie review: great, can't wait to see it, love Julianne Moore and always loved Colin Firth, yum!

Unknown said...

been wanting to see this Ford movie -even more so now- tantilizing photos and descriptions. With Colin Firth, can you go wrong?

FEDERICA said...

I can't wait to see that movie! Here in Italy we have to wait...

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

This movie looks amazing. I heard a story about it on NPR, and was instantly smitten. Unfortunately, my city (while mid-sized) is stupidly conservative when it comes to movie selection, so it probably won't play here until it is nominated for some oscars.

kanishk said...

Yours is one of my all-time favorite blogs, missy.

wagyu steak

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

A great review Deb! I knew you would love it. Colin Firth is a genius. Yes... what is going on with Madonna?!? ox Barbara

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