Home Project #163 Solved

Last November I wrote about the fabulous, inspiring, Atlanta home of Lee Kleinhelte (read more here), after spying the funky-fresh rooms in the now de-funked, "Cottage Living". I immediately fell hard for her yellow/white/brown Hollywood Regency inspired living room.

At first sight, I knew that her wall art was to be my jumping board to finally solving my "what to do with my massive fireplace"- 2 year dilemma. I tracked down 2' x 2' plywood squares from Lowe's for a mere $3.25 ea. These were aprox. 1/4" thick. In our humid Houston climate, I found out after the painting was completed, that the boards tended to warp if not laid flat. Who knew, I'm from Seattle & we don't typically do 'humid'. If I were to attempt this again, I would opt for the thicker version which is a minimal amount more. Do not skip priming, you will regret it.

I apologize for my not so terrific photographic skills. My husband would be appalled. However, sometimes a girl as to work with what she's got. Here is the finished product -

Bear in mind the 80's mantel is on it's way out. Screen- actually digging the gold, just wish I could find a hipper version.Something with a bit of Greek key detailing perhaps?

The total for this art project= $35.00 (incl. paint & primer). Now that's one down of a million other projects just waiting for my attention.
Today the sun is out & weeds are mocking me as I type. I hope this posting inspires you today? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

That yellow room is totally inspiring (it's my favorite color lately) and how great that you actually did something with it. Well done!

Unknown said...

I think it looks fantastic!! GOOD WORK MOM!! And for $35??? How can you beat that???

DesignTies said...

That is a fantastic art project!! Wow!! Looks great above your fireplace. I fact, your whole room looks great. Love the vaulted ceiling and the huge windows :-)

Did you notice the weird illusion from the ceiling fan blades in your pictures?? :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies


yellow is one of my favorite colors this year.Great inspirations