Kilz is Easing My Pain

I am sorry for the lack of postings this week. As you see, I have been busy painting. I can't even imagine how many rooms & how many times, I have painted. I am one of those people that if I am not totally satisfied with a color, it will drive me nuts until I get it just right. I have painted my current homes dining room three times in 2 years. Mid=project though, as my arms ache, and wrists throb, I think, "seriously, get some therapy".

Wouldn't you know, after many coats, and more coats, I happened upon paint with built in primer. Built in primer folks! I thought I'd try the under $25. a gallon Kilz brand available at Walmart stores only. The variety of colors in satin (tintable to 1000 colors) was great & I found exactly the color I was needing. Kilz casual colors interior paint is guaranteed to cover in one coat and available in satin, flat, semi=gloss, & high-gloss. Exterior & ceiling paints also available. So far, I am very pleased with Kilz. It's a bit thick, and in the warm Houston climate, it got even thicker, but all in all, it's been a terrific find. Low odor too. I realize that wall paint is like face creams, there are many, and it's often a personal pick. Like any product, I suggest doing your research, and google.

So, if the perfectionist monster is speaking to you, and your doomed to be painting your walls this weekend, Kilz may be worth looking at.


Emily+Anthony said...

Kilz rocks! We used it when we got Anthony's old house ready to sell. We're getting ready to paint our bedroom and guest room and we can't decide on colors. If I sent you pics, could you possibly give some input? We want to go for a soothing color in our room and a bold color in the guest room. I will take pics tonight!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You bet Em!! I'd be honored (:

Emily+Anthony said...

Still haven't taken pics yet Deb! So sorry!! I will try to tonight!