Is Love Really Crap?

Nothing, & I mean nothing, will quite say " I Love You", like fake dog pooh from BrownFido. Whether you are a scorned woman (or male), or you love a good prank, shelling out under $20., assures the joke is not on you. Plus, it's odor free!
BrownFido is out of El Paso, TX, so allow for shipping time.
I LOVE YOU - FAKE DOG POOP GIFT HEART Weird Poo Crap, Joke, Professional Prankster, Movie Prop, Brown Fido
LOVE HEART FAKE DOG POOP GIFT Poo Crap Ca CaCa DooDoo Joke, Professional Prankster, Movie Prop, Brown Fido, Valentine, Valentines Day Gift


Anonymous said...

That is awesome - it made me smile for sure!

Unknown said...

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