Season For Comfort and (Chocolate) Joy

So, today there is snow in Vegas & it snowed in Houston last week, then I'm thinking you'all need a cup of creamy warmth. To my pure delight, I discovered this tasty Mexican hot chocolate beverage at a roadside cafe in the tiny coastal city of Encinitas, CA. I confess, I do not love coffee & I am an ex-Starbucks employee from Seattle. The shame of it all.
I put one tablet of this sweet chocolate, laced with hints of cinnamon & coarse sugar, into the micro to soften before placing it into a pan with milk to heat. I love it hot, but do not boil as it affects the flavor. Once heated, I froth it with a Mexican tool called the "Molinillo". A whisk works perfectly too. I have read of others adding instant coffee, powdered chili, or a vanilla bean. So, make it your own.
Ibarra can be found at most grocers (Safeway, Vons,) in the hispanic foods aisle, a hispanic grocers, or online.
As a holiday/winter gift, add handcrafted marshmallows, a bottle of Ceylon cinnamon, & a sturdy mug. Want to go the extra mile? Go for the Boden Chocolatiere Glass Hot Chocolate Maker/Frother. Back to Basics, & Mr. Coffee have their versions. Shop Target, Sur La Table or Walmart. Amazon carries Ibarra, gourmet cinnamon's, vanilla, & hot chocolate makers.
I served this to my 9 yr. old niece from Scotland, & she loved it.
Montezuma is said to have consumed several golden goblets of 'chocolate' before entering his harem. So go, drink, & create your own history.

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