The Gift of Gourmet

Hostess gifts, the biggest hurdle for me at anytime of year. I never leave home empty handed. I love the usual, such as a scented candle or a gift bag of my favorite printed napkins. This year however, I wanted to be unique. My local grocers is now offering a variety of olive oils that you pour from their large vats into these smart looking bottles. For under $8.00, I purchased the "spicy" variety. Not wanting to give that alone, I jumped to the balsamic vinegar aisle & picked out an aged vinegar as it's companion. If you are near a TJ Maxx, Marshall's or a Home Store, they typically have a great variety of olive oils, & vinegars from all over the world, at out of this world prices. Snag a gift bag on the way out & you are on to the next party.

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