Canton The Night Away - New Years Eve

Tired of treating others? Therefor, it's time to treat yourself. Indulge thyself with Canton Ginger Liqueur, & kick-back to wait for the New Year to come to you.
This gorgeous ginger & cognac liqueur contains syrup made from crystallized Chinese baby ginger, Grand Champagne VSOP cognac, neutral spirit, orange blossom honey from Provence, and vanilla.
The architecture of the bottle, the beauty of Domaine de Canton's website, the poetry of the description & history of this golden elixir seems somewhat romantic, and exotic. It entices me to run to make a purchase even if I have no intention to partake of it's delicate flavors.

The liqueur won Double Gold Medal (Best of Show) in the herbal/botanical liqueur category at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.[3] It won Best of Show in the 2007-2008 World Beverage Competition.[4]

The Domaine de Canton website includes cocktail recipes, so there is no excuse as to not give it a gander. I highly suggest taking it to your next cocktail or New Years Eve party to please the best of liquor snobs. Cheers!
Originally created on the French Indochine ginger root estate of Domaine de Canton, this aromatic elixir first became popular among the colonial French aristocracy. A hand-crafted infusion of superior VSOP Cognac and baby ginger, Domaine de Canton is the world's first premium ginger liqueur. Enjoy it in a cocktail and discover a rare union of tropical romance and continental sophistication.

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