Every Serious Partier Needs A Beer Belt Folks

Okay, I am going to trash my so called reputation as a design worshiper & blog about this tasteful item the Beer Belt. But seriously, is this not hilarious? Brought to you from Urban Outfitters. their description of this" life-changing, prayer-answering invention states that that your long dark days of arm-breaking party beer-holding are over." Enough said.
Fully adjustable with 6 cup holders to fit cans or bottles (thank goodness) Wipes clean too! Order yours today for $18.

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Joe Pritchard said...

If you just drink one beer out of the six pack you can loop your belt through the empty loop. That gives you five cans right there you can sling a second six pack (minus one) on the other side to keep you balanced. It is disposable, you don't need to wash it and when empty you can fold the plastic holder over and then tear them apart getting finger exercise at that time. Sort of a redneck work out! all for the base price of the six-pack! It's practical, cheap, almost Scottisch.. almost
Joe P.