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Jon Hamm it up all you want Draper

The fedora has drifted in & out of the fashion forefront since it's popularity first faded post 1950's. These last few years this often felt, turn-downed brim, hat has been spotted more & more on the heads of celebs and the fashion forward. For fall 2010, the fedora has officially been branded as back.

Jake G spot

Origin of the Fedora;

In the 1880s Sarah Bernhardt, unquestionably the world's biggest star on the stage, appeared in a play called Fedora by Victorien Sardou. Bernhardt played the leading role of Princess Fedora and wore a similar hat that would eventually become known as the fedora. Into the 20th century, the fedora was worn by women. Men began wearing the style in the 1910s.

Johnny divine

*Ensure that you have the correct size of fedora, so that it neither falls down around your ears or leaves a red mark on your forehead when you remove it. If your head itches, it's too small.

On average, a woman's head is 22-1/2 inches but you should use a flexible tape measure to determine your specific hat size.

Matt the marvelous

Sean, man of men

*Consider the shape of your face. Women with oval or triangular faces may wear a fedora as far forward or back on their heads as they feel comfortable. Women with round or square faces may find a fedora with a slightly taller crown is more complementary to their faces, while those with oblong faces are most flattered by a fedora with a shorter crown.

the King

lovely Leo

* Change your hairstyle so it will look good both when the hat is on and when you take it off.

Cary grant me just one * wish *

{this photo is for YOU Renee Finberg, yes you..well me too}

Greggory - that grin could melt pavement - Peck

*Angle the fedora slightly to the left or right to determine the most flattering position. Use a mirror to view the hat from every angle possible. A fedora should look good from every angle once it is placed in the proper position on the head.

Hugh basically looks good in anything & a whole lot of nothing at all.

David - perfect cheekbones for a fedora

*Take your fedora off indoors unless you're in a lobby or elevator. If a woman enters the elevator, take your fedora off. Outdoors, you can tip your fedora by slightly raising the brim when encountering a woman. If you stop to talk to the woman, remove your fedora. Remove your fedora for the National Anthem or in the presence of the US flag.

Frankly - no one rivals Frank in a fedora.

good to be naughty - Colin

*Choose a flattering color. Since a hat rests on top of the head and is very near the face, wearing a fedora that is an unflattering color can make your complexion look sallow. A fedora should be tried on in natural light to check the true color of the hat and how it reflects on your face.

yeah that's right, the Justin

*How ever you wear your fedora, I highly suggest leaving it at home should you be a dead ringer for my Aunt Mildred from Minnesota. Zach wasn't paying attend to my blog again.

* Change the existing ribbon, or add a ribbon where there is none. Velvet and satin ribbons lend themselves to feminine styles. You want to pick a ribbon that is at least ½ inch wide. The color or pattern of the ribbon should reflect your personality and style.

J Crew Fall 2010

* the most fabulous of fedora wearers *
Kate-the-great, my daughter.

Thank you all for your continued support, comments and blog love. I cherish each & everyone of dwt followers.

Cheers my dears xo

{go forth & shop responsibly}

forever fedora

context information - ehow.com
photos - jcrew;


Renae Moore said...

I look horrible in hats, so I'll leave it to 'Kate the Great' who by the way looks fab!

La Petite Gallery said...

Peck and Sinatra such men.
My Dad had a fedora and wore the white Panama hats.
good post

Dianne said...

Ooh!! I just love Johnny Depp in a fedora and Hugh Jackman he looks great but Elvis in a fedora NON!

Mise said...

Men in hats generally melt the pavement, I find, unless there's too much of the poseur about them. I enjoyed this fine post!

Mise said...

PS Kate has a great, great smile.

Visual Vamp said...

I love me a fedora!!!
And thanks for the great round up!
In tango, the fedora is classic.
xo xo

Renée Finberg said...

i love hats. period.
my grandmother was a millinery model in the 1920's.

i just love 'em.


Unknown said...

Mom you are just too sweet as are all the others that said such nice things about me! I must admit, I am a Fedora addict. I heart them SO much. I love me some cute boys that love Fedoras as much as I do! Great Post mom!


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Oh, I just loved this post and learned so much about that sexy hat!
Kate wears it perfectly!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

oh, my, stars. those men were drool-worthy. and your daughter? so lovely....

a great and fun post!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Cary and Sean. In the same post. Wearing fedoras.

My husband has a grey fedora that he wears in the wintertime, with long grey coat. My favourite!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Your daughter Kate is gorgeous. But what else would one expect, with genes as good as hers? Thank you for the eye candy, Deb. Men looking lovely and sophisticated, just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks so much for your sweet, supportive comment. I truly treasure you :-) XO, Marsi

Janet said...

Wonderful post! Love the Johnny Depp photo. ;)

Julia Christie said...

I love hats and have passed that love on to all four of my boys - they are partial to the irish cap style of hat, even the little boys, but I think a few fedoras are in order...

Love your names and descriptions for all of these lovely fedora sporters!

Delightful post!


SpryOnTheWall said...

Any post with Elvis and Cary Grant in it is perfect in my book! Love these images, you forget how great hats can be. Your daughter is beautiful (just like her mom)! Love the new header on the blog! You take care and have a great weekend. xoxo Jenny

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I adora a fedora! It reminds me of my grandfathers. They both wore them. Fond memories and always a pleasure to witness something classic have another round in the spotlight :) XO, Kelly

Nina Lindgren said...

sweet! i would definitely like to have one myself! .....or two....three..

Chicago Chic said...

Your daughter is beautiful! She looks amazing in the fedora, I love these hats for women! I think only some men can pull off the fedora, but you have provided some good ones here... ;) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Francine Gardner said...

Johnny and Gary grant with a fedora.....divine
As always, i so enjoyed your post, i have always loved hat for men and women.
Your daughter is gorgeous!!!! how would she like to meet a 21 something...with blond hair, great personality and fun loving...(way too much fun...)

Pearl said...

I love hats and wear them as often as possible.

I learned a lot here!


24 Corners said...

As I was reading this I was thinking...hey, where's the girls...and lo and behold, they were there all along!!! Your beautiful daughter wears it best (and Cary of course)!

I've tried my whole life to look good in hats because I love them and in the PNW, there's so many opportunities to wear one, but alas...I look so silly in them, another BUT...I've never tried a Fedora...thanks for another chance to make hat magic happen!!!


Lisa Porter said...

Oh my God. That was the sweetest comment from Kate-the-great!
That's all I can say, she is so darling.

Haddock said...

Sean is one evergreen actor.
He just fits into any role.

Barbara said...

What a super post, Deb! I love the photos you gathered....perfect, every one.
Frank certainly was the most famous fedora wearer; I can picture him singing One For My Baby, can't you?
Love the photo of your daughter!
I look great in hats. Why oh why don't we wear them more in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

DolceDreams said...

Kate the great is a knockout! I love the leopard fedora, and I'll take a man in one any day...
Enjoy your weekend,

Jane said...

Your daughter is divine. And thanks for brightening up my day with Gregory Peck. And all those others. Although I don't think the hat suits Colin Farrell. He needs one of those poorboy hats.

Hope you are well xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Haven and Home said...

How cute is Kate? I love your titles below the pictures. I go back and forth about the Fedora. Love it on other people, not sure I could pull it off.

My Interior Life said...

I wish I could pull off a fedora. Your daughter looks adorable! And thanks for giving me some hotties to drool over!

Millie said...

I reckon the greatest Fedora-wearer of all time was that wonderful English eccentric Quentin Crisp. With that shock of white hair dyed purple peeking from underneath, he totally pulled the whole off like no other. Fab post Deb, you star!
Millie ^_^

LiveLikeYou said...

That's it-I'm getting a fedora. Love the reinvented actor names!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

what a fabulous fabulous post Deb.. Your daughter looks stunning there.. but more importantly.. very happy!!!

so I love that first photo.. wonderful wonderful.. but Cary Grant and Gregory Peck.. you're so right.. melted my heart!!

Have a good one.. xxx Julie

Unknown said...

Tell Francine I would love to meet a fun loving 21 year old!! And thank you again for everyone that said I was gorgeous!! Don't think I've ever gotten that one before !! So flattered!

Averill said...

Goodness you're showing off some of my favorite men and I'll admit they all look mighty fine in their fedoras. I've never been a hat gal myself but I do love 'em on other folks...

How's it goin' Deb?

*Chic Provence* said...

ooh nice post! and Kate the great looks fab in her fedora!

hope all is well in Deb-Land



Rattus Scribus said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog Rattus Scribus. Great to meet you. Those are the kind of mini stories Anita and I hope to get better and better at and publish.

I love your blog. Great post on the come back of the fedora. Funny thing is, I bought a fedora at (of all places) Walmart a couple of years ago just because I was tired of beenies and baseball caps I see everywhere and I always thought the fedora had a classic look that's never outdated for me. Not until you mentioned it did I know that it is raging back in style. I'll wear it more often.


paula said...

love a fedora. My son just crushed mine, boo.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Out of all these BEEFCAKES, Gregory Peck is my absolute favorite. In Roman Holiday, he makes me want to be Audrey Hepburn even more!!!! ANd thank you dear for coming to my pearl post and visiting my sweet husband (who in my opinion is as wonderful as Gregory Peck!). He really enjoyed your visit. You are one stylish woman!!!! Have a great week!! Anita

North of 25A said...

Hi, Deb!
Great post. I wish we wore more hats period. The fedora is really something; your daughter is beautiful.
Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful selection of hats and the people wearing them. It makes me wish that people wore them more often today. They can be so much fun.
*kisses* HH

Unknown said...

Kate looks great!! Wish I could wear hats--always felt "dumb" in them.

red ticking said...

kate is adorable... and ok, so is johnny... love the post... and the summer one... fabulous... finally catching up... have missed you friend... xx

Splenderosa said...

OMG, all of those men look wonderful, don't they? Sean & Cary, perfection. xx's

Punctuation Mark said...

hugh can wear a paper bag and still look great!... i wish men looked like don draper more often these days

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Excuse me while I pant...Jake, Johnny, Hugh...OMG!

glee said...

This is a very informative post. I totally agree the the shape of face is important in wearing fedora. Oblong or oval shape, indeed.

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Deb,
Well, I've finally made it...way behind with my commenting and trouble with my computer !!
You know, I love wearing hats although I don't do it often enough. It is such a lost art and one has to be a bit brave to wear one on a regular basis. You have given such wonderful examples but, the best has to be youe lovely daughter Kate....hers is worn with great style. A fabulous picture of happiness. XXXX

Dovecote Decor said...

Well, for all the dumbwit's out there, form follows function. Since I donned my first Cowboy hat in 8th grade--1969, I got it. You need a hat with a brim, when you are out in the rain. I have a great fedora I bought in a storm, at Brooks Brothers. You have to mind the brim and shape. I hang mine on the top of a book shelf which allows the brim over my face to droop, while the sides stay up. This creates a nice little roof over your head, so you can wander in the weather.

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooooh hats look great on most men...

La Dolfina said...

Thank you so much for all your amazing comments of late... I'm so sorry I haven't been over to tell you how much you mean to me and that you are officially adopted by my Mom.
I couldn't dream up a better sista!!
Looking forward to making lots of great memories together!!!!
A Great Big Kiss to you from me

The Dolls Factory said...

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Red Boots said...

Hugh Jackman in a fedora *swoon*

Cindy said...

What a fabulous post!! Love it! xo

ALL THE BEST said...

GREAT blog post!

AX80 said...

I REALLY enjoyed reading this post! Did not know at all the origins for the Fedora hat. It's actually quite refreshing to see a man wear such a hat with style. It brings up such a vintage feeling that used to be present in the good old times. Often people see the conservative style as too old but it's the clever combination of such with the present that often makes for the best look or outfit.

I'd love the Frank Sinatra Fedora hat. It's got such an urban vibe to it.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Hats are soooo GREAT!
I love M. Hamm...he is no ham either.
Lovely collection of hats indeed

Cashon&Co said...

love the hats. but david bowie reigns on this post. again, no exclamation point, but pretend i said that with a big "tah-dah"

debra@dustjacket said...

Gosh it looks good on some of those totally hot guys....wow, kinda got stuck staring at them!!

Your daughter looks fab!'

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

The actors of the 30s and the 40s really dressed to kill. From the top of thier heads to thier toes. My dad used to wear a fedora when he was younger and then changed to fishing hats later on. I still love the old pictures of him all dressed up to kill. Clark Gable was another man that could wear a fedora.....ahhhhhh.

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