A Womans Journey

Little Women

'Mother, do you have "plans," as Mrs. Moffat said?' asked Meg, bashfully.

'Yes, my dear, I have a great many; all mothers do, but mine differ somewhat from Mrs. Moffat's, I suspect. ...

'I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good; to be admired, loved, and respected; to have a happy youth, to be well and wisely married, and to lead useful, pleasant lives, with as little care and sorrow to try them as God sees fit to send. To be loved and chosen by a good man is the best and sweetest thing which can happen to a woman; and I sincerely hope my girls may know this beautiful experience.

It is natural to think of it, Meg; right to hope and wait for it, and wise to prepare for it; so that, when the happy time comes, you may feel ready for the duties, and worthy of the joy.

My dear girls, I am ambitious for you, but not to have you make a dash in the world-marry rich men merely because they are rich, or have splendid houses, which are not homes because love is wanting. Money is a needful and precious thing-and, when well used, a noble thing-but I never want you to think of it as the first or only prize to strive for.

I'd rather see you poor men's wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queens on thrones, without self-respect and peace.

'One thing remember, my girls; mother is always ready to be your confidante, father to be your friend; and both of us trust and hope that our daughters, whether married or single, will be the pride and comfort of our lives.'

- Louisa May Alcott

She was a sister

a daughter

a teen

a woman

a bride

a wife

a mother of three
and her most import role of that as
a grandmother to 10

5 grandsons

5 granddaughters

a girlfriend

a fighter of cancer

the love never stopped

the love never will

for a mother's /grandmother's love will live with us
for all time

and there will never be goodbyes...only tomorrows

this post is dedicated to all the champions in our lives.
All the mothers and grandmothers who give love endlessly.
Happy Mother's Day

{go forth & live responsibly}
hug a mother



SpryOnTheWall said...

Now I'm crying - what a sweet and beautiful post Deb! Wonderful! You have a wonderful Mother's Day! xoxo Jenny

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, such a lovely tribute!
Your Mother had the sweetest face, with a lot of fun behind those eyes. I'm sure you miss her terribly. Thinking of you this weekend.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh gosh I'm fighting back the tears..honey that was an awesome tribute to your mother. I'm just so touched by it.

hugs DJ

Francine Gardner said...

Dear Deb: I am short for words as my heart is filled with emotions, my eyes with tears. To give and receive such love is to fulfill our life, a life well deserved and lived, a life so precious....

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Deb
This beautiful post has brought tears to my eyes.. Today I am thinking of both our mums.. kicking up their heels.. and smiling down upon us.. You are right.. the love never ends.. it is always close by.. in our hearts and memories.. Happy Mothers Day sweet Deb.. xx Julie

La Dolfina said...

Deb... you always post the most amazing tributes to your Mom... she raised an amazing daughter whose spirit lives on in you!
Happy Mother's Day to one of the best!!!

Jane said...

What a beautiful tribute, all the lovely stages of your beautiful mother's life. You are really very lucky to have all those photos my mother is a bit weird about photos and I don't have such a spread. xoxo I hope you got lots of Mothers Day kisses Deb. xoox

24 Corners said...

Such a lovely tribute Deb, you've honored your mother greatly...truly touched.
Blessings to your heart,
xo Jessica

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

what a gorgeous family! and the closeness is obvious. the 10 are possessors of great fortune to have known and to have been loved by a GranMa-that is a unique bond I share with them. How she must have adored the faces that carried so many of the features of her past. the photograph of THE WIFE is exquisite. No, this sort of presence never fades, is with us every day, and makes us understand life and ourselves better. pgt

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

My dearest Deb,
Such a beautiful Mothering Sunday post to your dear mum. It is sad but, it is also a celebration of her life and love for you and you must cherish the wonderful memories you have of her. .... but, for you and Graham, it will be hard this year.
A beautiful tribute to your mum and I will be thinking of you on Sunday. Lots of love. XXXX

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Deb, your mom is beautiful in every way... and, I know is with you in spirit as you celebrate with one of your own children this weekend. Lovely, post... and divine mother's words from LMA. Happy Mother's Day to you. ox

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Incredibly moving post darling Deb!
Your dear mother had certainly taught you unconditional love for family...
Happy mother's day to you!!

vicki archer said...

Such a beautiful tribute....xv

MFAMB said...

i am touched indeed.
happy mother's day to you.
what wise words ms. alcott.

FrenchBlue said...

Amazing!! AND oh so STUNNING! A tribute more beautiful & pure than a thousand shinning diamonds!! Happy Mother's Day!

Cashon&Co said...

that was amazing. I agree w/ what everythign french blue said right before me. can't say it better. :)

Anonymous said...

stunning! oh how you love her.
a hug for you and a hug for my mom.
love to you miss deb.

La Maison Fou said...

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to moms & couageous moms!
I wish you a wonderful mothers day!

North of 25A said...

What a loving tribute!

Barbara said...

Well Deborah, you've made tears come to my eyes! This is the most loving, sweet, kind, caring post I have ever read.

You are a lovely daughter/grandaughter and I know how proud they are of you!

Unknown said...

WONDERFUL post mom!! LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! Totally teared up! Happy Mothers day! LOVE YOU!

Averill said...

Oh that is one of my favorite passages from Little Women (which reminds me of my own mother, who loves the book so). Your mother has such a beautiful family who will honor her memory for many, many Mother's Days to come.

Renae Moore said...

Such a lovely post and wonderful tribute.
I hope your day was special.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post, and beautiful pictures. I hope Mother's day always brings you loads of happy memories of what a great mom you had.
*kisses* HH

La Petite Gallery said...

I read this with a tear in my eye.
Your Mother is a lovely looking Lady and you have a good looking Day. Now we know where you get your looks. Wishing you many happy days with your mum. Beautiful and heart warming post for Mothers day. yvonne

La Petite Gallery said...

This computer is jerky. I wanted to correct
the word day for Dad, sorry yvonne

Gwen Driscoll said...

OK, tears, really on a Tuesday morning! This is so touching and lovely. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

What a legacy! Your mother is just beautiful and so was this post. It's truly touching, thank you for sharing such heartfelt memories!

DolceDreams said...

What a beautiful and touching post, so very special...
We can see where your sense of style and attention to detail come from!

Unknown said...

Oh, so sweet! You know, she really rocks the shaved head, really, she looks so sassy! Lovely post, and beautiful pictures.

Laura said...

What beautiful sentiments, and incredibly wise to boot.

A Refocused Life said...

What a wonderful post and tribute.

AJ at OFLBlog said...

Dear Deb, she was a beautiful being and now a spirit, gracing heaven with her presence! My Mother is there as well - hey, maybe they have met and have outdoor lunches and long walks, discussing our blogs?! (gee, what pressure!). The pain never goes away but the wonderful memories sustain us, as do their constant, guardian angel presence and protection....much love to you, AJ

Lila said...

What a sweet gift to your mother. Nothing is stronger than a Mother's love and I truly believe that. But, a daughter's love for her mother is fair rival!
Lila Ferraro
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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mama's memory!

La Petite Gallery said...

Such a happy and handsome family..
That is a great post for your Mom, shhe is Darling.. yvonne

Mimi said...

I have tears in my eyes...That was such a beautiful tribute. Absolutely special!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

eyes are wet, and heart is full. great post, Ms. DT. your mom was an amazing woman. it makes me think of my sister-in-law who's fighting cancer for the 2nd time and her daughters (my nieces) and her example to us all with her fighting spirit and her love for her brood. ;)

Candi said...

Gorgeous post! I too have a wonderful mother who I would do anything for. We are very lucky!

Unknown said...

I heart this post! As the mother of two daughters--I want the best for them--wise and thoughtful words from L.M. Alcott. Just perfect--thank you for sharing!!! xxBarbara

ticklishfromadistance said...

Beautiful, beautiful post.

Julia Christie said...

Just beautiful. A truly lovely post. What a beautiful woman.

I love this quote from Little Women, one of my all time favorite books from my childhood.

Chicago Chic said...

This is so beautiful. My dear friend, it has been a while since I have been able to visit you here, and what an incredible Mother's Day post this is. This is so touching, and you are a very strong lady to share with us such beautiful emotions.

Much Love,

red ticking said...

dear deb... i have been away and trying to catch up on all of my reading... oh goodness when i read this i could not believe how AMAZING this post was... you always express yourself in the most delightful and heartfelt way but this one truly ... is your best.
the love you have in yourself and your family is so precious. i feel the same way about mine... we are truly blessed. xx pam

Queen "B" said...

I have missed my visits with you and I SO ENJOYED YOUR POST!!
the family has me bust and no time to blog lately, but I really missed my blog Sphere and the outstanding Women in it!
Hope you had a Great Mothers Day
All my Aloha

Fé... said...

Just wanna tell you that your blog is beautiful. And the header picture is uniquely gorgeous I think!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Thanks for sharing the wonder pictures of your grandmother and your family. What a lovely tribute to her. I always look forward to your posts, this one was especially touching......Maryanne xo

Karena said...

How very fine a tribute and such special memories for you! Very poignant.

Art by Karena

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Beautifully written. What a lovely tribute to your mother.


Haven and Home said...

Oh Deb,

I just got off the phone with my Mom who was upset. The toll of taking care of a very sick parent when the end is surely near is getting to her. I thought about you and your Mom and the sweet e-mail you sent and here I am reading this. Unfortunately I am very far behind on my blog reading but I think it was meant to be that I read this tonight. Thank you for such a touching post.



DesignTies said...

I'm sorry I missed this post when you first wrote it, but I'm happy I had the chance to read it today. It's such a wonderful tribute to your mom, although I'm sure it was difficult to write. My mom died in 1998, and I still dread Mother's Day and the lead-up to it. Actually, May in general is tough because she died on May 28th.

I hope you made it through Mother's Day OK. All of the "firsts" are the toughest -- it does get easier over time.

Sending you a big hug :-)


Privet and Holly said...

Catching up on all that I've missed in the hustle and bustle of springtime and end of school. What a lovely lovely post dedicated to the kind of woman I'm aspiring to be ~ someone who stays in the game, who can retain that childlike sense of wonder and laughter. It really comes shining through in your pictures and words about your mom. Many blessings to you both! xx P&H

Clarity said...

Dear Deb,

The last time I posted and you visited, you told me of your mother's passing. I pray that she in peace at last. Your tribute is so beautiful and touching. I am happy she was surrounded by loving family and that she was a fighter. Peace, love, xxx.

Fifi Flowers said...

What a LOVELY tribute!

Nishant said...

I'm sure you miss her terribly. Thinking of you this weekend.
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Tish Jett said...

You have brought back so many memories. Thank you, thank you for your eloquently moving tribute.


DEBBIE said...

This post, could very well be the most touching post, that I ever got to read.
Your dear mother, was a very beautiful woman, inside and out.