It's a Beautiful Life

It all began with the simplest of photo's....

I want to live an 'elegant life'.....
Filled with green gardens, bubbling waters, and cumulus clouds amongst the blue sky.....
Music fills the country air with vibrating cello strings, strums from the harp, and the lively Irish fiddle...
China pots of tea, and crystal flutes of pink champagne, and sweets.....
Balloons, umbrellas, and English buntings decorate the lavish grounds.......
I wish to live an 'elegant life' but wake to reality once more.

Ladybug Suebee - English buntings (party flags, banner)

- Game Plan For a Beautiful Life

Garden Party

Garden Party




Garden party band image by minghan88 on Photobucket

garden party
garden party

For this Friday (& many more) this is what I'm lovingly 'hooked on'. Many thanks to Julia for hosting "Hooked on Fridays" blog party @ hookedonhouses.net.
It is always such a great pleasure.

{go forth and live life beautifully}

garden party by dbepete on Polyvore.com


Decor To Adore said...

Yes to kilts and hats! :)

My daughter has always wanted to design clothing. I remember her taking apart the barbie clothes and making them "more beautiful". :)
Best advice is to get some sewing and basic drawing lessons in ahead of time. Many of the Fashionista's begining year classmates fell by the wayside when they learned it was actually a tough and extremely competitive area of study.She will need to literally eat, sleep and breathe design. From time to time I do share her drawings, etc. She will also soon begin selling some of her designs on Etsy. Feel free to email me if you or she have other questions. Good luck!

Suzy said...

I love those pennant bunting. I'll have to make some spring ones. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

this is so pretty, that would be a wonderful life indeed!!

Blue Muse said...

Oh I want to come live in your world! Looks like I visited on an especially great day - I think I'll buy a kilt for my husband... ooo la la.
ox Isa

Brillante Interiors said...

What a beautiful life you have...quite similar to mine actually, but I don't have a castle in Scotia, I have a villa in Amalfi (maybe we can swap...)